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10 Best Starter Locs Styles Ideas for the Beginners

10 Best Starter Locs Styles Ideas for the Beginners

Starting a locs journey is one of the best experiences that one enjoys in their lifetime. Various starter locs styles can be easily created in the beginning to get the transformed look. When starting the locs, people overthink the process regarding hair maintenance and styling journey. Try not to overthink because regardless of your locs phase, you can style them according to your comfort and personality.

Locs styles vary on different factors such as the locs length, the diameter of the locs, and the parting style of the locs. Among the most common baby locs styles, the best ones include comb coils, two twist strands, and braids. Depending upon your dreadlock's length, texture and design, you can style them to complete your look. Choose the style that goes with your costume and overall personality.

If you are a beginner and have no idea how to style your locs, we are here to help you. In this blog, we will share some protective styles for starter locs which are easy to make. Starter locs styles on short hair look appealing as they keep growing with time. Now, continue reading to learn locs styles for every lifestyle and locs length.

10 Amazing Starter Locs Styles

Here are some unique hairstyles for the people who have just started their locs journey. In the beginning, it can be confusing how to choose the right hairstyle, and your loctician can help you better at this step. Moreover, you can also choose according to your requirements. Let's have a glance at some easy yet amazing starter locs styles.

1: Comb coils

One common starter locs style is the comb coils that are made by spinning the smaller sections of the hair. A metal rat comb is used for this purpose by simply grabbing the hair section at the ends. Grab the hair, insert the teeth comb in the hair sections, and spin the comb until the hair strands develop into coils. The style is easy to create with only one tool, a rat comb. Plus, it is a less time-consuming and low-maintenance hairstyle. The only hair maintenance tip is to keep the hair coils well moisturized, always using essential hair oils and keeping them covered with a head scarf or bonnets.

There are some pros and cons of starting any of the hairstyles. One of the advantages is that anyone can do this hairstyle on their hair locs on their own. It only requires a rat comb to make the coils. With some practice, you can become a pro in styling your hair. But, one disadvantage is that if you comb the dreads wet, they may unravel easily. Moreover, the hair dreads become frizzy, another major concern for people.

2: Palm rolling

Palm rolling is another technique used as starter locs for keeping the baby locs in good condition and presentable. Palm rolling is also used as a retwisting technique for covering the unraveled locs. In this technique, the strands are twisted in the hand palms easily. You can perform this at home with some simple tricks. In addition, if you have beginner locks and want to keep them cleaned by washing the locs, it is the perfect way to retwist the locs and style them well. A pro about palm rolling is that it can be undone easily if you don't find this style attractive.

3: Two twist strands starter locs styles

Another appealing starter locs style is the two twist strands. Depending on your hair type, you may experience a hard time keeping the dreads from becoming loose, so try the twisting two strands method. Like the palm rolls, twin-strand twists are in their style but can be left to get fuller and thicker locs. For this style, you'll need at least a few inches of hair to form the two twists, although four inches is a good starting. You can use a palm rolling brush or comb to hold the twists as they grow.

The two twist strands can be made easily at home without any loctician's help. The locs result in a fuller look that other methods cannot achieve. Further, it offers a solid foundation for the baby locs, which grow in time. The demerit of this style is that the pattern stays longer on the hair and may take longer to disappear. Sometimes it may take a few months, or you may have to wait for years to get your desired look.

4: Braids

Braids are the favorite starter locs style that is easy to create for people with loose hair texture. It helps prevent the unraveling in the early stages of the locs journey. When the locs are small and thin initially, the braids keep them in their shape. The braids are different from palm rolling and two twist strands as they look flat on the head. Just like the two twist strands, it may take longer for the braids pattern to disappear from the locs.

Braids look amazing on the hair locs and give the perfect style to your dreads. The braids hold up better than other styling options, allowing your locs to wash as often as you want with unraveling. In addition, the locs stretch out with time, meaning the shorter looks look more extended than their actual length.

There is only one demerit of styling this look the locs become flat, and the braiding pattern can take longer to disappear than you may think.

5: Interlocking

Are you looking for some unique styles for your baby locs? Interlocking is your go-to option for the starter locs. It is commonly used for Sisterlocs, where the locs are threaded from the base of the hair sections. The locs of any size can be interlocked regardless of the hair type. The interlocking style is perfect for preventing unraveling and keeping the thin textures locs in the dreads.

The benefit of the interlocking style is that you can wash your locs when required. Plus, you don't need other hair care products such as setting sprays or hair gels to keep the interlocks in position. By watching some YouTube videos, you can easily learn and perform this technique at home and can easily style your hair for any event. The locs don't unravel easily, so it is a good hair transition if you want the perfect locs.

One of the demerits of this style is that if the interlocks are done in the wrong way, you must know its side effects. It can cause severe hair breakage and hair loss. Further, the patterns may take years to disappear from the hair locs.

6: Freeform locs

Freeform styling for dreads is one style with its shape and form. The style doesn't require any deliberate styling, yet it is organic. It requires only a slight twisting of the locs, and you are good to go. The freeform style for the starter locs is becoming popular as people get the freedom to do their locs in their way. You don't need to comb your hair in this hairstyle as you are good to go with the wild freeform style. The dreads will tangle, and the locs will get the entire look. The advantage of having this style in your starter locs is that you don't need to retwist or interlock the new hair growth. The freeform locs design doesn't need your locs to be long enough, as you can pull this look with some inches-long dreads.

The style requires no hair care as the organic growth will mix the freeform dreads and will not need any hair care products. The only demerit of this style is that locs take some time to develop into the freeform. Further, you may not get the perfect idea of how they turn out. So you allow your hair to do its own thing, and there is a higher rate of uncertainty, but the positive feedback always supports this idea.

7: Sisterlocs: Best starter locs styles

Sisterlocs is one of the starter locs maintenance styles that look different from all other traditional locs. The Sisterlocs, as the name reveals, result in tiny sections in the scalp created by the interlocking tool. The locs are so thin that they don't look like the locs but look like the thin hair strands of loose hairs. It is one of the best starter locs styles for females that takes some hours to take place. It may take almost 10 hours to transform your starter locs into Sisterlocs, depending upon the length of your locs.

All thanks to the tiny size, the locs have the versatility to mold into this look in different locs lengths. It is popular among the masses with the locs who want to switch their look from one locs style to another. People recommend getting the Sisterlocs by a hair professional or a loctician because it requires a specific technique. Further, the time is long, so you may not feel comfortable getting them on your own.

8: Instant locs

This style is perfect for people who want to get the locs on their long hair. As the name shows, it gives you immediate results. The locks may take years to develop for some starter locs to grow into mature locs, but the instant locs are the only hairstyle that transforms your look quickly. In this style, the crochet hooks create the desired look by collecting the loose natural hair and getting it into proper shape.

9: Faux locs

One of the best styles for starter locs counts the faux locs. The persons who cannot wait for a long duration to grow the natural locs into mature locs can use the faux locs extensions. There are different types of faux locs that you can choose depending upon the method used for the locking. Further, they are temporary and permanent as well. So, according to your requirements, you can install the faux locs in your starter locs. The locs are lightweight and available in different hair textures to mix with natural locs easily.

Consult the hair loctician if you want to style your baby locs with faux locs. No one can better guide you about what size, texture, and type of faux locs are best for your look than a hair professional or a loctician.

10: Locs extensions

Short starter locs styles for females can be interesting by adding the locs extensions. With the addition of human natural hair extension, there are versatile starter locs styles to choose from. The locs extensions are available in various colors, diameters, textures, and lengths. So, choose according to your natural starter locs and get your desired look. The locs extensions save you from the ugly phases of the locs formation and can help you bypass some side effects. Further, the locs work well on all hair types and dreadlocks length.

After all, the starter locs are one of the challenging steps on the locs journey that can take longer to develop into mature locs. So, it is one of the better ideas to style them as per your needs, personality, and requirements. Find the right starter locs styles and create them according to your events and locs length. Choose the style that is easy to make at home and also easy to maintain without any hair care products. Hopefully, these styles will be easy to style your locs and get amazing results.

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Lovie Horsey

Lovie Horsey

March 16, 2024

I was just trying to see the different types of ways to start growing locs. My hair is pretty good no chemicals or anything. I’m in my 60 and I don’t like dealing with it anymore, so I just put water on it and brush it. Ponytails. My head sweats alot so it doesn’t keeps curls or really anything 🙄.

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