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Butterfly Locs: Everything You Need to Know

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Butterfly Locs: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for locking styles, butterfly locs are another invention in the locs that results in a unique hairstyle. This style is different from other traditional hairstyles in a variety of means. For instance, it requires two types of hair locs to create the desired look. The best Boho style is easy to carry and style with different outfits for different occasions.

Now, we will share the butterfly locs, how to do butterfly locs, and butterfly locs maintenance. If you are new to this style and want to know more about this look, keep reading to learn the difference between butterfly locs and other traditional locs.

What is Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs are similar to the other type of locs named distressed locs, which are Bohemian cousins of the neat faux locs and have become popular in the past years. There is a huge difference between the two types of the locs. The distressed locs different from the butterfly locs, which contain curly loops that make the signature look. 

The butterfly locs perfectly combine the goddess locs and passion twists. The hairstyles combine to give you a signature look in bohemian style, which requires low maintenance and a natural appearance. Butterfly locs are worn till the shoulder-length-bob, making them distinct from other traditional locs. It gives a very natural, chunky, and soft look which complements the costumes. You can wear them with long length as well, depending on your style and preference. 

The people having traditional or any other type of locs and now looking to change their look can easily get the Boho style locs without much effort. On the other hand, individuals with straight hair will need more time and effort to get their desired Bohemian look. 

Different types of techniques are used for installing the butterfly locs. There are different methods such as the crochet, braid, wrap, and more. So, you can easily get the desired look by choosing any style you want. 

What are the Best Hair for Butterfly Locs?

To create this carefree look, different types of hair locs extensions are available in the market. Bouncy curly hair is the best style of the hair in Boho style. For attaining this look professionally, water wave hairs are bets to go. To get this look, you will need roughly six to eight packs of water wave hair that are easily available in beauty stores and hair accessories shops.

In addition, if you are not a fan of short hair looks, you can get a dreamy look with long hair. For that purpose, the Marley braiding hairs are the best that comes with different diameter. These hairs not only offer you additional length but also come with some extra thickness that is perfect for the bouncy look.

How to Do Butterfly Locs?

Like the other, locs, butterfly locs are also installed with different methods. Some locticians prefer to use pre-looped techniques. Others use the braid method, crochet technique, or some prefer wrapping methods. So, depending upon the type of hair that you want to use for the style, the hair professional can adopt any technique. The standard protocol of doing the butterfly locs is the same. Here are the following steps that are described in detail here:

1: Prep your natural hair

The first step of the process is to clean your natural hair locs. To clean your hair, wash the hair properly and let them dry. This step is performed to keep your hair healthy and neat. Further, it gives you neat and clean butterfly locs which look healthy and professional.

2: Braid your natural hair

In the second step, you must make braids for your real hair. After washing the hair, when dried completely, part the hair based on your desired size and weave it into single braids. Make sure that all the parting sections are equal and braids are neat. Further, you need to keep them well moisturized during braiding. So, use the hair cream, serum, or any other moisturizer, so the hair doesn’t get frizzy.

3: Add extensions

The third step is mandatory, which will help you get your dreamy look. You can add the butterfly locs hair packs if you have thin hair at this step, and you can add the Marley braiding hair to the natural hair for additional length. At this step, try to keep the braids moisturized to keep them healthy and string throughout the life of the style.

4: Wrap your hair

One of the amazing features of the butterfly locs is that they are DIY-friendly. You can add the water weave hair by crochet needle without any problem. Add the water weave hair in the roots and install them with natural braids. After this step, wrap your head over it. Wrap the hairs firmly at first and then loosen them after some time.

For fluffier butterfly locs, create more loops in the wrapping. Regardless of your length, don’t forget that you can run the finger through water wave hair to fluff it for a fuller and whole look.

5: Seal the locs

Once you have achieved the desired locs length, seal the locs by looping the hair around your fingers as you create a knot. If you have long locs, you can cut the excessive hair or glue them permanently.

Techniques of Doing Butterfly Locs

Different methods are available to get the butterfly locs. The best method is the butterfly locs crochet method, just like the crochet method used to install the traditional and other types of dreadlocks. To avoid itchy scalp after locs installation, soak the synthetic hair in Apple cider vinegar rinse and then perform any method you like. Here are two famous locs installation techniques:

1: Braid and Wrap Technique

This is the easiest technique for your style. Additionally, you can perform this at home with some simple locking skills and experience. It takes 3-6 hours for the whole process but the longer the length of your hair, the more time-consuming it is. The natural locs are braided, and synthetic locs are installed in this technique. In the end, all the hairs are wrapped and locs are sealed to get professional results.

2: The Crochet Technique

The crochet method is one of the popular methods for installing different locs, such as the traditional dreadlocks, micro lots, sister locs and more. It is a less time-consuming process in which the box braids are created using the crochet needle.

Butterfly Locs Maintenance

For any type of locs, hair care is a must to keep them last longer. In addition, it is important to keep your locs neat and clean to avoid skin infection. Further, the braids and locs must be residue-free for a healthy scalp. Make sure you keep the well-moisturized and deep conditioned throughout the process. Follow these simple tips to maintain long butterfly locs. 

  • Keep your scalp clean with residue-free shampoos.
  • Keep essential hair oils in hand to massage your scalp.
  • Wrap the hairs here and there and use edge control for new growth.
  • Cover the locs at night while going to bed.
  • Make sure that the scalp and locs both are well moisturized.
  • Don’t wrap the hair firmly as it can destroy your look.
  • Visit the loctician if you find an itchy scalp for long.

Can You Wash Butterfly Locs?

All types of locs can be washed with proper protocol. In the case of the butterfly locs, these can also be washed. But the thing is that in this case, you don’t get the real wash. As moisture, sweating, and oil products result in the buildup, the hair becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. To keep your scalp and hair clean, use a dry shampoo that somewhat removes the buildup. 

In the initial days, the hair experts also don’t suggest getting the locs washed in the four weeks. So, keep your scalp clean as you don’t have complete access to your natural hair.

How to Keep Butterfly Locs Looking Fresh?

The butterfly locs are carefree that doesn’t need much effort for maintenance. If you don’t want it to be a mess in a few days, maintain them well. So, there are plenty of styles that you can try, such as the half-up ponytail. The locs stay fresh and healthy for a long time if you less manipulate them. Butterfly locs with color also look good, but they require more effort. To keep your edges sleek, use the hair conditioners and smoothers. Also, spray or mousse to keep the new hair growth fresh and healthy. You can easily hitch this look for four to six weeks after proper hair care.

To sum up, treat your butterfly locs like any other traditional type of locs and maintain them in good shape. Try to enjoy the weeks’ span in which the hair looks fresh and don’t extend their time as the hair may become matte in the extended period.

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