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How To Retwist Locs For Beginners? *Beginner Friendly* Step by Step

How To Retwist Locs For Beginners?

Do you have locs, and now you are struggling with keeping them in good condition? If yes, continue reading to learn about the solution. This article will reveal a unique method to retwist locs for beginners. Retwisting is an integral part of the routine of people with locs. Regardless of the age of your locs, your hair always needs a retwistsession after some time. 

Many hair stylists and loctician charge hefty amounts in the name of retwisting sessions. But, if you are a beginner and ha just installed the locs, we advise you to retwist your locs on your own. If that is not possible, take a hand from your family or friends. It will help you save some extra bucks, and you can set your locs without looking at your busy schedule. Continue reading to learn more about the retwisting process. 


Steps of Retwisting the Locs at Home

If you are mentally preparing to retwist your unraveled locs, the next step is to get ready for the process by collecting some essential items. Several items can aid you in starting the process, such as a good retwist locs gel. Apart from this, there are some basic steps of the process that you must follow to achieve perfection. Let’s dig in. 


Step 1: Gather the retwisting accessories

Retwisting the locs can be challenging for people trying to do it for the first time. Access to all the relevant hair accessories makes this process easy. Further, it helps in managing the locs. The hair locticians also use these simple hair accessories such as a comb, clip, or locking gel. 

The hair-locking gels available in the market are inorganic, which can be hair-damaging. So, we suggest using organic hair setting gel or hair locking gel. Additionally, here is the list of items required for retwisting at home:

· A rat hair comb

· Hair clip

· Rubber bands

· Water

· Hair moisturizer

· Essential Oil

· A blow dryer


Once you gather all the accessories, remember that your hair always requires prep for this session. Further, if you fail for the first time, perform this process again for better results. So be vigilant and try your level best to get the maximum results. 


Step 2: Hair sectioning

The next step of retwisting the locs for beginners at home is very important: hair prep. In this step, the unraveled hairs are sectioned into small sections. Use a rat hair comb at this step and manage to section the hair. Unraveled locs may reveal a pattern or the hair joined in the locs. Take the same section and retwist it lightly. Use a hair clip or hair rubber band to keep them in place.


This is one of the crucial steps that need your full attention. Section the hair into small. Avoid thicker hair partitioning, as it will unravel quickly, and your effort will be lost. 


Step 3: Hair setting

After sectioning the hair into small portions, the next step is to set them for a while. Take one small section of the hair and use some hair-locking gel to set them well. You can use commercially available hair-setting wax or locking gel in this step. 


In addition, you can use moisturizer or hair essential oil. Always choose an organic product like hair oil or moisturizer with no harsh ingredients. Try to get your hands on organic products made with natural ingredients. 


Aloe vera is a great moisturizer for hair and easily available. Use the natural aloe vera as a hair setting product. Plus, you can quickly get this from a local store. Take the small sectioned hair, apply a small amount of the hair setting gel and retwist the hair. 


While retwisting, keep the motion slow. Use the palms of both hands and retwist from the hair root to the end of the strands. Once done, repeat the same process thrice until the hair gel is absorbed in the hair. Then use the hair clip to hold the loc and leave it for a while. 


Step 4: Cover full head

Start retwisting the locs from the bottom of your head and move upward which makes it more accessible for the person to handle the locs. While working on the downside of the head, you can easily manage the hair of the head with hair clips. Retwist all the locs as given in step 3 until all the head is covered. 


If you see there is any hair left unraveled, add them into the retwisted locs. Make sure all the locs stay in their position for some time. You can apply this method for all hair types and all loc sizes. Whether you have short hair locs or long locs, you can efficiently perform this simple technique.


Step 5: Use a blow dryer

Once the locs are retwisted entirely and held their position for some time, like an hour. The next step involves drying the locs using a hair or blow dryer. This step is performed to dry the scalp that may have moisture due to the locking gel. Completely dry the head, scalp, and locs with the hot air treatment using a hair dryer. 


After hair drying, you will notice that the locs are still in their position and don’t unravel quickly. When it is done, now is the time you can remove all the hair clips or hair bands from your head that you used in the first step. 


The process may seem more accessible, but it is not. It requires a lot of effort, practice and time investment. It can be challenging to perform for beginners, but getting help from family and friends can be of great help. So, avoid contacting a hairdresser to book the retwisting session and try it at home. You will be amazed at the results. 


Final words:

Retwisting is a common thing when you have dreads. You can’t just skip this part of your locs journey. When it comes to the starter locs, you may need to retwist the hair frequently to keep them from unraveling until the locs are mature. With time, the locs adjust accordingly and maintain their shape. After one year, the locs become stable and don’t need retwisting now and then. 


The method described above is simple and requires your palms, hair comb, and determination. With proper care and retwist, you can beautifully develop your baby locs into mature locs. So, use this simple technique once a month along with locs maintenance tips and tricks to avoid early unraveling of the locs. 



How to prep hair before retwisting?

To start the retwisting process, your hair must be washed and cleaned. Wash your hair with a residue-free shampoo followed by the hair conditioner to make them ready for retwisting. 


Prevent matting if the locs are at this stage. Rinse the hair and let them fry for at least three to four hours before retwisting. Apply moisturizer or essential hair oil to the scalp and hair strands and distribute them evenly. Add some hair oil to the locs and section them well. 


How long will it take to retwist?

Several factors determine how much time will be needed to retwist the locs. It depends on the locs number and length. Further, it also depends on the skills of a person. It almost takes four to five hours to complete the procedure for the beginners. 


Perform the procedure slowly. You can take it slow by taking several breaks. In this way, you will also enjoy the whole procedure. 


What is better to retwist; wet or dry hair?

According to hair stylists, retwisting wet hair is more accessible than dry hair. Managing damp hair is also easy. But the issue is that wet hair is prone to breakage. So, the best way is to retwist dry hair using hair moisturizers and essential oils. 


What is the aftercare for retwisted locs?

If you want to delay the retwisting, the best thing is to avoid using the heating elements for hair styling. Don’t use hair dryers for quick drying. Instead, let them dry in the fresh air. In addition, don’t over wash your locks. Washing the hair frequently causes the hair locs to unravel easily.

Last but not least, conditioning the locs can also unravel them easily. Plus, keep your hair locs moisturized all the time. Use organic essential oils to delay the retwisting.


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Natasha Howell

Natasha Howell

September 15, 2023

This article is so informative. After years of hair research, I finally feel as though Im ready!!!!!!! May Jesus continue to bless you… as you did for me:)

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