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Locs Size

What are the size of the loc extensions?

 locs size

  • Micro width - 0.2cm

  • XSmall width - 0.4cm

  • Small width - 0.6cm (the size of a pencil)

  • SMedium width - 0.8cm 

  • Medium width - 1.0cm (the size of a sharpie marker)

  • Large width - 1.2cm 

  • XLarge width - 1.5cm 

  • Wicks width - 4cm

How many locs will I need for a full head?

This depends upon the size of your head and thickness of your hair.

The average amounts needed:

  • Micro locs (0.2 cm) - 150-250 locs

  • XSmall locs (0.4 cm) - 90-140 locs

  • Small locs (0.6 cm) - 80-120 locs

  • Smedium locs (0.8 cm) - 70-100 locs

  • Medium locs (1.0 cm) - 70-100 locs

  • Large locs (1.2 cm) - 60-80 locs

  • XLarge locs (1.5 cm) - 40-50 locs

  • Wicks locs (4 cm) - 5-10 locs

How many locs will I need for shaved hairstyles "mohawk/ undercut/ high top fade"?

The average amounts needed:

  • Micro locs (0.2 cm) - 90 locs

  • XSmall locs (0.4 cm) - 50-70 locs

  • Small locs (0.6 cm) - 40-70 locs

  • Smedium locs (0.8 cm) - 40-60 locs

  • Medium locs (1.0 cm) - 30-50 locs

  • Large locs (1.2 cm) - 30-40 locs


How To Get the Perfect Loc Size?

Dreadlock is a good hairstyle that stays long if you take good care of them. Being a long-time commitment, it is necessary to decide the right size for your locs. Choosing the right loc size is quite challenging as beginners or starters don’t know much about it. 

In this blog, we will help you how to choose the perfect locs size for your hair? In addition, we will help you with what size of locs you should get according to your hair texture. Continue reading to learn more about locs sizes.

What Size Locs Should You Get?

Deciding your loc size is a task that you should perform with proper research. Different loc sizes are available so that individuals with varying textures of hair and volumes pick according to their hair type. If you are starting your locs journey for the first time, you must know about other locs types, loc patterns, and locs sizes. One crucial step is to look around and connect with individuals with different locs and hair textures. Furthermore, here are a few things you must perform to decide the right locs size for your locs. 

1: Different loc sizes

First, starting a locs journey comes with some challenges, so you must be mentally prepared. Connect with the people having locs that you would like to get loc size. Look for the measures that are suggested for different loc types. For instance, people with thin hair are likely to get microlocs or thin locs that add volume to their hair. 

Although selecting the locs type is your choice, the locs size is also essential. So, look around yourself and seek people with locs who have similar hair texture to yours. It will get easier for you to choose from their locs type or similar loc size. 

2: Have a look at the size chart

To get an idea about the locs size, looking at the locs size chart is another good idea. Different types of locs can be built in various locs sizes. For this, you can consult a hair loctician and get an idea of your favorite locs type in your decided locs size. Also, look at the hair texture chart to get an idea of which locs size will fit your hair texture.  

For instance, if you have 14 cc hair texture, watch out for the people with similar hair texture and ask them about their locs size, loc diameter and loc grid. 

3: Choose locs type wisely

The chosen loc type can decide your locs size. Small traditional locs, including the locs types microlocs and sisterlocs, are the locs formed with a small diameter. Likewise, thick locs include wicks. Medium locs have a medium diameter that ranges from 12mm to 18mm. So, the locs type can also help you decide the right locs size. 

If you have some ambiguities about which locs style has what size or diameter locs, you can consult with a loctician. In addition, you can get an opinion about a certain dreadlock’s hairstyle. Choose different locs styles from Instagram and celebrities or people with dreadlocks and then discuss them with your hair expert and get to know which locs type will suit your hair. 

4: Think about how much weight your head can bear.

Another critical point that one must notice while choosing the locs size is that thicker locs are heavy in length and diameter. Although they give your hair a fuller and healthy look, they are heavy on the scalp, neck and shoulder. So, if you have heavy or coarse hair and you are thinking of starting thick locs, this is the time that you reconsider your decision. 

On the other hand, the locs that are thin to moderate are not that heavy and don’t put an extra burden on your neck or scalp. Heavy locs result in unnecessary tension on the head that can trigger many health concerns such as migraine, headaches and more. So, think before you get fascinated with thicker locs. 

5: Maintenance

Different locs sizes need an extra level of maintenance. This is the thing that no one will tell you. Thinner locs are considered high-maintenance dreadlocks as they accumulate buildup and have more surface area to attract dust, smoke and other particles. Moderate-size locs are significant in terms of maintenance as they can be managed in terms of weight and have no extra care demands. 

6: Combining locs

If you need help determining what size s right according to your hair texture and volume. You can make them according to your hair texture. Some individuals have different hair textures on other head regions. For example, you may have heavy hair on the back and light on the front. In such cases, you can make thin locs at the front that looks nice, give a fuller head look, and get slightly moderate or thicker locs at the back. 

A combination of locs sizes that can be used on your head depending on the hair texture is brilliant. Additionally, another idea is that you can merge the locs. For example, if you have started your locs journey with small locs, you can combine two or three locs and make them thicker in diameter. This way, the locs become strong and don’t fall off easily. 

Pro tip:

One pro tip is always to try to make your locs unique. If you like the locs of someone else, don’t think you can quickly get the same locs because many variants play a vital role with locs, such as the locs size, hair texture, hair length and more. So, enjoy your own locs journey and try to experiment with your own locs to get the results that you are looking for. 

Wrapping up:

To sum up, one must decide the locs size they desire for their hairstyle. Once the locs size is chosen, selecting the locs type and gridding pattern is easy. Further, it becomes easy to research the locking technique and locs maintenance tips. Take your time choosing the right locs size and get help from people with locs or hair experts before starting your loc journey. 


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