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How To Soften Loc Extensions?

How to Soften Loc Extensions

Are you in the loc journey and constantly feel like you have stiff locs? Have your locs become hard due to excessive retwisting locs? If yes, you are on the right page. Loc journey comprises several phases and cons. One disadvantage of installing the loc extensions is that they feel hard initially. However, once you become comfortable, you can rock your different hair looks.

We will guide you on how to soften loc extensions and what can be the possible reasons for your stiff locs. Locs feel hard for several reasons, including the loc extensions type, the installing technique, the length of locs, and more.

Five Reasons Why You Have Permanent Loc Extensions Are Stiff?

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There can be different reasons for having hard loc extensions. First, you need to admit that this is now a new normal for you. Almost 90% of individuals feel this side effect of locs and frizzy hair. One possible reason can be not enough moisturization. It makes your locs hard, and loc extensions seem stiff. Here are five reasons for stiff or hard loc extensions:

1: It is normal

Getting stiff is the normal behavior of locs and loc extensions. After having so many retwisting sessions, the locs become stiff. Further, the locs face extra frizz due to the thin crochet pattern. Although it doesn’t last long, don’t freak out if you have stiff loc extensions because they usually are like so.

Additionally, sometimes the loc extensions feel hard because of the locs size. For example, if you have a small diameter of your locs, the locs may be hard because of the size.

2: Installation

A potential reason for hard locs is the different installation technique variations. For instance, if you opt for the locs installation by crochet technique, you may feel stiffness that doesn’t last long. However, the hard phase of locs is not permanent. The locs soften down easily after some time by following a proper haircare routine. Always try to purchase real human hair loc extensions.

Another factor that adds to the locs installation is the hair that is covered. Again, hair length plays a vital role. For example, if you have shorter hair of four inches when you add the extensions, they will feel hard. On the other hand, if you add loc extensions to the 10 inches of long natural locs, they will be soft comparatively.

Additionally, if your natural hair is not locked first and you add the loc extensions, you will experience hardness. The temporary locs can be easily removed after a month, but permanent locs are not removed before two years. If you already have natural hair locked, it creates a huge difference. The locs add extra volume and length to the natural locs and give a fuller look. Additionally, you get the freedom to style your locs in any way you want. Last but not the least, adding loc extensions to natural locs feel more comfortable.

3: Length of natural hair

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The third possible reason for loc stiffness is the length of your natural hair locs. Adding long permanent loc extensions is hard to maintain. They take extra time, energy, and effort. Likewise, it requires extra energy to soften loc extensions that are long enough. You will not feel that much stiffness if you already have medium to long locs. But, if the loc extensions are added to the short hair locs, they will be hard to bear for a couple of days.

Starting days, you must be very careful while washing, drying, and styling the long loc extensions. Further, cover the loc extensions at night with the help of a bonnet, durag or satin cap to prevent buildup.

4: Method of loc extensions installation

To find the reason for your hard locs, you must figure out the cause and treat them right. There are many techniques for installing locs—for example, crochet, two strands, and interlocking. Next, you must know how your loc extensions were added to your natural locs. Were they crocheted or sewn in the locs? Once you know the technique of your locs installation, you can work to soften loc extensions.

5: How long have your locs have installed?

One major reason for having stiff locs is the time frame. For example, if you installed your locs a month ago, they will feel hard. This is because the locs take a lot of time, energy, and effort to settle with the natural locs. Moreover, it requires an active lifestyle of proper hair care and maintenance of the locs to make them soft. On the other hand, if you have locs for more than two to three months, you will have comparatively soft locs. The reason is more washing and conditioning soften loc extensions.

The length of the locs matters the most. For example, do you have loc extensions that are supposed to be 10 inches and natural hair locs of only six inches? If you add 10 inches loc extensions to the shorter locs, they will feel hard because they are more in length and cover most of your hair. Find the right cause at the right time and treat it well.

If you feel irritated with the hard locs, you have a solution; cutting the locs and keeping them shorter. Shorter locs are easy to carry and maintain. They are easy to wash and dry rapidly. They feel natural and comfortable in different looks.

How to Soften Loc Extensions?

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At the beginning of the loc journey, the locs feel stiff due to the causes mentioned above. But after a few months of permanent locs installation, you need to take care of them properly. From oiling to washing the locs, you need to be attentive while washing, sleeping, and styling the locs. Here are different ways to soften hard loc extensions.

1: Washing

Washing is one major step that is necessary to keep the locs clean. Many individuals get confused about how soon you can wash the permanent loc extensions. The hair experts advise washing locs after one month. Washing the locs early unravels the locs. In addition, it keeps loc buildup free and also softens loc extensions. After 4-6 weeks of loc installation, you can wash the locs with residue-free shampoo to remove the dust and buildup. Dry the locs thoroughly, as the damp locs are prone to unnecessary build-up.

2: Conditioning

Besides washing, conditioning the locs is important to treat hard and stiff locs. Use an organic conditioner on the hair strands only. It will help detangle the knots and make the locs soft from the inside. Use hair conditioner after 2-3 months of locs installation. However, it is not recommended in the earlier months of locs installation as it can lead to an early unraveling of the locs.

3: Moisturize

Keeping the locs well-moisturized is one of the major things. The hair requires proper moisture to stay in good condition. Use natural essential oils to keep your locs soft and moisturized. Before washing the locs, use essential oil such as almond oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, or any other oil to soften your locs. Then wash your locs thoroughly and remove the oil residues.

Additionally, you can spray rose water or any mist on your hair that will not result in the buildup. Finally, it is a good option to moisturize the locs in the summer. It keeps the locs sweat-free and helps refreshes the locs in humid weather.

4: Palm-rolling

The locs journey comes with different phases. Different phases have different side effects. For example, the locs become frizzy over the period. Therefore, it is necessary to perform retwisting of the locs by palm-rolling, interlocking, or any other technique. Palm rolling is one of the best techniques, as you can perform this at home without spending bucks on the retwisting sessions. Further, it is the easiest one among all the other techniques. It not only keeps the locs in good condition but also softens the locs.

Tips to Soften Loc Extensions:

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You must maintain the loc extensions. So, learning how to take care of permanent loc extensions is important. Here are some tips for soft and healthy locs:

· Use a leave-in conditioner if you have brittle hair strands in the form of locs.

· Ensure that your locs are not too tightly crocheted to make you uncomfortable.

· Regularly moisturizing the locs makes them soften over time.

· Use moisturizing shampoo according to your hair type.

· Take a healthy diet with enough protein size.

· Drink plenty of water that is necessary for healthy hair.

Final Words:

In summary, the locs are prone to feel hard due to additional loc extensions. The locs cannot be softened overnight. It requires time and effort to soften loc extensions. With a regular haircare routine, you can easily soften the locs at home. If you feel no use of your products on your locs, you can consult a loctician.

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Sehrish bhatti

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