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How-To Guide For Retwisting Dreadlocks At Home

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How to Retwist Dreadlocks

Retwisting dreadlocks is the hair locs maintenance strategy that can be easily performed on all types of dreadlocks. Moreover, it keeps the locs tight enough to keep them locked in the next phases. Dreadlock journey is always accompanied by several phases, which include the starter phase, maturation phase, and many more. It is easy to see frizzy and loose hair in different stages due to new hair growth. With the locs installation, the new hair growth requires retwisting. The beginners must know how to retwist dreadlocks to keep the locs in good condition at every step.

To prevent the locs from getting damaged, retwisting must be part of your hair care routine. It keeps the dreadlocks tightened and makes them healthy. The hair locticians can do the retwisting, but they charge high. So, the best way is to perform this technique at home with some simple supplies.

Whether new or already have locks, you must learn how to get the perfect retwists. Complete your research about the best products for retwisting dreads to get professional results at home. This article will guide you on how to retwist short dreads with some simple supplies at home. In addition, we will tell you about some incredible products that can help keep the locks tightened for a long. So, continue reading to learn what to use to retwist dreads and the benefits of retwisting locks.

What is Retwisting the Dreadlocks?

Retwisting Dreadlocks

Retwisting is a technique performed on all types of dreadlocks regardless of length, texture, color and diameter. Retwisting is the loc maintenance technique that is easy to perform with simple supplies such as a comb, dreadlock retwisting gel and hair clips.

One must know how to retwist dreadlocks at home as it can save many expenses. Plus, the technique is easy to learn. When the locs mature, retwisting becomes necessary to keep them in good shape and condition.

When Should I Retwist My Starter Locs?

First, you may be wondering when is the best time to get the retwists. Many individuals with the locks believe that retwisting is performed when the locs start loosening up. But, the fact is that you need to retwist your locs when you observe some new growth in your scalp. For the first two months of the starter locks, leave your locs alone, as the locs are immature and need some time to grow.

After the initial two weeks., you can analyze the situation of your locks. Hair growth varies for individuals depending upon their genetics, hair growth rate, and lifestyle. After six weeks, when the locs show roots and some frizzy hair, it is the best time to get the locks. Onwards, you can get the retwists when you feel the need—further, retwisting the locks once a month is a healthy practice to keep them in good condition.

What Tools or Products Do I Need?

Retwisting is a process that is easy to perform at home with some simple supplies such as hair gel, butter or a hooded dryer. If you want to perform the technique at home, you must learn the technique and gain some experience. Further, complete your research about the supplies and products needed for a professional retwist session.

Grab the tools and products, which include a twisting gel or butter, double prong clips, hooded dryer and comb. A blow dryer will do the same job if you don’t have a hooded dryer. Here are some retwisting products that you must have to get the professional retwist at home:

1: Lockology locking gel

Lockology locking gel

A retwisting or locking gel is applied to the hair before starting the process, and it helps to retwist the locs smoothly. The Lockology gel is made with natural ingredients such as aloe vera juice, lemongrass oil and many more. It has a cream-like consistency that sticks on the locs and absorbs easily. The gel provides natural stickiness and holds the retwists for a long. The product is vegan-friendly and build-up-free.

2: Knotty boy tropical tightening gel

tropical tightening gel

Another amazing product for retwisting the locs is Knotty Boy gel, a light, wash-out formula specifically designed for new and mature locs. The product keeps the hair frizz-free and makes the locks healthy and strong.

3: Taliah waajid black earth lock it up

lock it up

The third amazing retwisting product is Black Erath lock it up by Taliah Waajid. It holds the locs and stops frizz. The product is essential for two-strand twists, retwisting and grooming the locs.

How to Retwist Dreadlocks: Step-by-step Guide

Perform this technique at home with some initial learning of the skill. This blog section will guide you on how to retwist the dreads with a comb. Ready to get started? Here are some essential steps of retwisting process that will aid you to get the perfect locs in their original condition.

Step 1: Gather the supplies

While performing any hair treatment, whether retwisting the locs or detox treatment, some supplies must be available. The tools or supplies help you in different steps of the process, such as sectioning or holding the locs. So, you are ready to buy some new supplies such as:

  • Rat tail comb

  • Twisting gel or butter

  • Hair clips

  • Blow dryer

  • Satin bonnet

Once you gather all the supplies, you are ready to start the retwisting process.

Step 2: Wash the dreadlocks

For every treatment on the hair, such as installing the locks or even getting a new haircut, the hair professional suggests washing the hair. Likewise, an essential step of retwisting the locs, you must wash your locs to get clean locs. It will help remove the unnecessary dirt and build-up out of the locks. Make sure your locks are free from dirt, oil or other residues by washing the locs twice or thrice with residue-free shampoo.

Step 3: Apply retwisting gel and retwist

Once the locs are washed and dried thoroughly, use the rat comb to section your locks. Sectioning will help you manage your locks. Take the locs and start applying the twisting gel on the locs by rotating them clockwise. Apply the gel from the roots to the ends of locs. Ensure all the locks are straight and new hair growth is visible.

Step 4: Secure locs with hair clips

Beginners always think it is risky to retwist their dreadlocks and remember that you will need to learn the skill and then apply it to get professional results. So, the next step of the retwisting is to secure the dreads using the double prong pins or clips, and it will keep the dreads in their position and prevent unraveling as you perform the retwisting on other dreads.

5: Dry the dreadlocks

After performing the primary task on all the dreadlocks, keep them secured with the clips until you want to open them all. Use a hooded dryer to dry the locs retwisted in the previous step. It will help dry the retwisting get that has been applied earlier. Further, it eliminates the chances of mildew formation in the locs due to unnecessary moisture. You can use the blow dryer at this step alternatively.

Step 6: Remove the clips

In the last step, remove all the clips from your hair. Spritzing your favorite essential hair oil on the locs can help keep the locks moist for a long. After the retwisting session, you will see how neat and composed your locks look.

How Often Should You Retwist Locs?

Now, a quick question how often should you retwist the locs. Well, the answer to this question lies in several factors such as the maturity level of the locs, new hair growth rate and more. Retwisting the locks after every three months is a good practice if you have baby locks. But, if you have mature locks, you can retwist them after two weeks.

However, there is no hard and fast rule about how many times you should retwist the dreadlocks in a year. If you are unsure about this matter, you can always consult the hair loctician who can guide you in a better way. The hair loctician will be able to analyze the conditions of your locks and can give you a better idea about retwisting the locs and how to retwist the dreadlocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to retwist dreads with clips?

The hair clips help in managing the locks. After sectioning the locks and applying the twisting gel, you can use the clips to keep them in place. After retwisting all the locks, remove the clips, and you are good to go with new locks.

Q2: How to retwist dreads yourself without clips?

Retwisting is the locs can be performed with many tricks such as using the hair clips or without the clips. If you don’t want to use the clips, you can use hair pins alternatively that perform the same function.

Q3: How long does it take to retwist the dreadlocks?

Retwisting is a time-consuming task as every lock is retwisted. Usually, the dreadlocks take almost two to five hours to cover the whole head.

Q4: Can you retwist interlock dreadlocks?

Yes, the retwisting can be performed on all dreadlocks, including the interlocks. In these, locs split the new growth down the center and create a hole. Take the end of your loc and flip it through the loc, making a knot. Repeat this step until all the new hair growth is twisted together.

Final Words

To sum up, retwisting the dreadlocks is not rocket science, and how to retwist dreadlocks is easy to learn and perform than conducting retwisting sessions with your hair loctician, which also charges a hefty amount. So, look at some YouTube tutorials and grab the essential supplies, and you are good to go.

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