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10 Coolest Dreadlock Mohawk Hairstyles

10 Coolest Dreadlock Mohawk Hairstyles

 Mohawk Dreadlocks style is one that came back to fashion after a decade. It has a cool aura that fascinates people, and everyone loves the spirit. Mohawk dreads male hairstyles are diverse from short to medium hair length. If you want to do something daring, go for the Mohawk dreadlock hairstyle with any look described below. 

Before settling for any Mohawk style, make sure it is suitable. Some of the styles are not suitable for school and office environments. So, remember to ensure that the style you pick suits your office requirements and fits well. 

This blog will share some unique and attractive hair looks with Mohawk dreads that transform your entire personality and grab others' attention. Various options are available to choose a look depending on your hair length, hair type, color and volume. So, continue reading to learn about amazing Mohawk hair looks that will boost your entire personality. 

10 Coolest Dreadlock Mohawk Hairstyles

The Mohawk hairstyle is a good alternative to traditional dreadlocks with many looks. The style can be hitched with haircut designs, adding a pop of color to the dreadlocks and using certain hair accessories. Additionally, unique designs bring various styles, from twisting to braiding the Mohawk dreadlocks. So, here are the ten best Mohawk with dreadlock styles that you all be dying to try:

1: Classic Mohawk Dreadlocks

Mohawk's classic style is one that was started in earlier days. It is simple yet elegant and also boosts your confidence to the next level. This style draws the eyes downwards from the front of your face to the back with a high fade. A sharp lineup and a C-shape for your beard enhance the look in this hairstyle. 

By showing the Mohawk classic dreadlock picture to your hair professional, you can get the desired look quickly. 

2: Clean Mohawk

If you are looking for a very neat and tidy look with a Mohawk, definitely this one is for you. It strikes a nice balance between expressiveness and neatness. In the typical Mohawk look, the sides are shaved up to near the center of the head. Then, a strip of hair is styled in such a way that the hair stands upright. In this look, the neatness of the styles makes it stand above other looks.  

The style is perfect for females on casual days attending college and work. Not only the hair looks surreal but also neat. Use this style to make your hair before heading to the office or any formal events.  

3: Double Twist Mohawk

If you are thinking of starting a dreadlocks journey for the first time, look at the unique hairstyles featuring a Mohawk. A short or double twist of the dreadlocks with the Mohawk is an ideal kick-off point for some enthusiasts who want to level up the dreadlocks game. 

In this hairstyle, the hairs are twisted, so it locks, and the roots start the dreads. Shaved Mohawk added on the sides helps you grow the locs without looking odd in the stages when the locs become frizzy and look less bulky. The style is easy to create and falls under unique looks.  

4: Afro Mohawk dreadlocks

Another amazing Mohawk dreadlocks hairstyle is the touch-up of Mohawk with shorter dreadlocks along the sides. The middle section of the head features longer dreadlocks slightly. You can also add a spot of spontaneity with an uneven length of the locs at the sides. 

Afro kinky extensions can be additionally used with the natural short dreadlocks to get the perfect desired look. Moreover, a two-tone Mohawk is another point to show off your real bold personality featuring the Afro Mohawk dreadlocks. 

5: Mini Fade Mohawk with Short Dreads 

Amazingly, Mohawk is the hairstyle that features all the lengths of dreadlocks from short to long. To reach your desired length and width of the dreadlock’s length, the locs take almost months to years. During the locs journey, one feal demotivated with so much time and maintenance for the locks. 

If you’re bored of your dull locks during your loc journey, this is one of the easiest transition hairstyles in which you train your dreads to slick backward by spritzing your hair with a leave-in treatment. Then, use a medium-to-fade transition on your hair on the side and the dreadlocks to get the perfect look. If you cannot help yourself, take help from the loctician to achieve the best-desired look. 

6: Dyed Mohawk

Dyeing the dreadlocks is an extraordinary way to transform dull dreadlocks. Furthermore, shaving the head with some cuts makes it a unique look. Dyed Mohawk with several uniting details makes the hair look surreal.

Braided blond Mohawk sits high on the top of the head and, contrasting with the perfect darker roots, is the perfect deal to bring out of Mohawk dreadlocks. In addition, to add more fun to the look, adding high fade blends into sharp shaved lines and across the symbol in the back is another way to rock-dyed Mohawk. 

This style is equally famous for both men and women with dreads. Style-wise, think of this style as the bedhead Mohawk. Loose, tousled hairstyles in a rough Mohawk and well-shaved sides look eye-catching. Females can easily hit the parties and rock the events with easy-to-make hairstyles. 

7: Long Mohawk with Undercut

If you have long dreadlocks and are hunting for some amazing hairstyle, this is the one to go with for a new look. This style will let you enjoy long dreadlocks with partying ways. Transform the dull locs into a cool and funky style with an undercut. No need to shave off the sides, as a low fade at the slides will do the trick.  

8: Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk dreads females are also growing with the trend in men's hairstyles. In the 80s. Mohawk mullet would be the one encapsulated haircut. The crazing combination of mullet with a Mohawk makes a great deal.

The hairstyle forms as a loose Mohawk blend seamlessly into an extra-long mullet—best for girls with long dreadlocks. Of course, you can opt for this look with short dreadlocks too. But an extra length is the main character that adds to the drama. For this purpose, you can also rely on the human hair dreadlocks available in the market. 

9: Soft female Mohawk

Another amazing hairstyle for the short Mohawk dreads females is the soft Mohawk which makes the amazing classic style and softens its edginess. In this style, females with shorter or starter dreadlocks win as the hair doesn’t stick up. The hair swoops toward the front. Adding hair accessories, such as a gold embellished crown or a petite flower crown, complements the entire look. 

 10: Short Dreadlocks, Mohawk with Shaved Sides

One of the amazing Mohawk dreadlock hairstyles in 2022 is the short dreadlock Mohawk with sides shaved. It makes the perfect look for men with dreadlocks. The half-shaved hair with short dreads, along with the run of the crown, is a very sleek way to style your dreads. 


Both short dreads with a dread fade or under-shave go well with the Mohawk. Next, consider the best look according to your locs length, face cut and trend. 


Bottom line:

Mohawk makes the perfect style out of dreadlocks. Mohawk dreads and short hairstyles with side shaves have gotten out of the trend. Take inspiration from the hairstyles mentioned above and transform your look. Hitch the look with any style, from dyeing to off-shaving the sides. Think about the Mohawk look that you want to get and discuss it with your hairdresser. Knowing your desired look makes it easier for the hair specialist to do some new experimentation. 


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