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Things You Need to Know Before Getting Crown Loc Style

  • 5 min read

Getting Crown Loc Style

Crown loc style is creative and innovative hairstyle that grabs the attention in a single glance.  

If you are unfamiliar with dreadlocks hairstyles, don’t worry, we are here to help you learn how to style your locs in one of the best hairstyles, called the crown hairstyle. Continue reading to learn more about crown locs style and find all the tips and tricks for making this style on your own. 

What is a Crown Loc Style ?

A crown hairstyle is a regal hairstyle in which the dreadlocks are folded and wrapped upon themselves in such a way that they make a crown or halo on your head. This style is also known as the halo style. The crown style name implies the shape of the style that matches the crown. Moreover, the halo is taken from the hollow shape in the crown. 

The style is easy to carry without adding tension to the locs. You can wear this style on different occasions with various hair accessories. Knowing how to braid and wrap your dreadlocks is easy to master in less time. 

Thinking of a hairstyle with dreadlocks may seem challenging, but it is one of the easiest hairstyles to make. The style name shows that the hairstyle aesthetically resembles a crown made with dreads. The style is an aesthetic manifestation of beauty and confidence. With this amazing style, you get the freedom to manage and update it to make it perfect according to your style and look. 

Crown hairstyle boosts your confidence to the next level and amazingly complements your personality. If you are looking for a step-wise procedure to make this style, keep scrolling. Additionally, if you don’t have locs naturally but are fascinated with this style, you can make it with the loc extensions available in the market. Make sure to get the loc extensions that resemble your natural hair and transform your look with this beautiful and powerful style. 

Things Required to Start Crown Loc Style 

Crown loc style is very easy to manifest, and you will need a few things to make it on your dreadlocks. Here are the items needed for making this style: 

Long dreadlocks:

The first thing this style needs is long and strong dreadlocks. Your dreadlocks must be of appropriate length to make the perfect crown on your head. The locs with a length from eight months to two years are considered good to make this style. A length of 12 inches fits best. 

To achieve this style perfectly, make sure your locs are clean and twisted. A day before making the crown loc style, wash the locs with residue-free shampoo and conditioner and allow them to dry completely. Furthermore, ensure that the locs are well moisturized as well. If you have short locs, you can add loc extensions to make enough length that fit into the crown hairstyle. 

Hair comb:

A thin rat comb will help you section your locs correctly. So, grab a new, clean rat hair comb before making this style. 


Hair pins help set the crown. Try to get the bobby pins generally used in making different hairstyles.  

Hair-setting product:

Although the style is easy to make and sets well with the help of a few pins. Get a hair-setting product such as a hair-setting spray, inorganic gel, or wax. The product must be organic to leave no build-up in your locs. 

Steps to Make Crown Loc Style

The style is very easy to make with the dreadlocks, but here we guide you with the help of its basic steps. Follow the following steps and rock your favorite style in jo time:

1: Wash the locs

Make sure that the locs are build-up free. In addition, wash the locs one day before styling your locs. Air dry the locs and loc the moisture in locs by covering them with a head scarf or cap.

2: Moisturize the locs

Before starting the loc style, the next step is to moisturize the locs well so that they don’t show any frizz. Then, use a hair oil or a moisturizer to hydrate the locs. 

3: Manage front locs

From both sides, right and left, take two to three locs, twist them, and then double them. Make these two locs at two sides in front of your ears. These locs will be used in the end. Set them with the pin. 

4: Wrapping of locs

Now, let's start the hairstyle by sectioning the locs. Start from back of your head and start wrapping the loc strands into a circular tube-shaped halo. Next, start from the left ear backside and gradually move to the right side by adding the locs. Take two to three locs at one time and wrap them. 

Take your time, and do not rush. Start slow and take your time to cover all the locs in the tube with the help of your hands. Then, make sure all the locs are covered in this way. It is hard to start the crown style with individuals, but you learn and get the perfect look with practice. 

4: End the tube on the back

Once all the locs are covered well into the tube, you will be left with the ends. Add these strands to your crowns backside and fix them with the pin. At this step, add the front side wrapped locs you made in the beginning. 

5: Set the crown

This is the last step of the crown loc style . In this step, fix the locs which are not added in the crown tube. Use pins and the hair setting spray. If you think the locs are frizzy, set them well with the help of loc setting gel. Only take a small amount of the product and apply it with the hand, palms, and fingers, covering the whole tube. And that is how you are ready to rock this look. Furthermore, you can accessorize the crown with a crown accessory or beads. 

Final Words:

Crown hairstyle is one of the crazy hairstyles that grabs the attention of loc lovers in seconds. However, making this style on your own can be challenging. But if you are invested in the locs hairstyle. You can easily make your own locs crown after a few attempts. In addition, you may have difficulty initially, but with some practice, you can learn the technique and make the perfect style from your own locs. Take help from YouTube videos to get the perfect idea of this style and make it at home. 


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