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How To Take Out Loc Extensions Safely?

  • 6 min read

How To Take Out Loc Extensions?

We will guide you about how to take out loc extensions from your hair without damaging the natural locs. But, just like getting the locs right, taking the locs out is quite a task.

There are several ways of saying goodbye to your loc extensions, such as cutting them off, seeking professional help, or doing it yourself at home. However, if you are looking for a complete guide to learning the process of removing the loc extensions, then you are on the right page. Do you want to learn how to remove crochet loc extensions and maintain natural locs? This article is about how to unravel or remove the loc extensions safely.

How Much Does It Cost to Take Dreadlocks Out?

First, when getting the locs, you must consider the other expenses, such as the retwisting sessions and loc removal service charges, in case you don't like how your locs turn out. The loc removal services are customized most of the time. For instance, the service charges depend on the method or technique used to take out loc extensions. It varies depending on the locs length, the number of locs, and their thickness. Further, different hair locticians charge differently depending upon their skills, experience, and location.

The professional services are much higher as they include a variety of things, including consultation, supporting material, length of dread, and more. Save a few bucks by performing this activity at home. Remember that the thicker and longer your dreadlocks are, the more the removing service charges will be. So, one of the best advice is to learn this skill yourself and do it at home.

If you decide to do this at home, you will need to get your hands on the loc extensions removal kit, which is quite affordable and may charge you from $10 to $50. Moreover, the fastest method of removing loc extensions is cutting them off, but this will not help you if you want to give your hair a new makeover.

What Is the Easiest Method to Remove Dreadlocks?

Among different methods of removing loc extensions, it is quite tough to decide which method is easiest and most reliable to remove the locs. Further, these methods need some tools that might not be suitable for all individuals. So, the best way is to look at all the methods' bright and dark sides and choose one according to your needs. Let's have a look at all the methods that can make it easier for you to take the final decision.

1: Cutting off the loc extensions

 utting off the loc extensions

Image from Google

As per the knowledge about various loc extension removal methods, it is one of the quickest and easiest. Further, this technique doesn't require too much money. Another benefit of choosing this technique to take out loc extensions is that you can perform this yourself without any professional help. In addition, after cutting the locs, you can try new and different hairstyles once your natural locs are grown to a certain length. Although this method has more bright sides, there is a downside: it is a time-taking task, and you will need to spare a day for this activity.

2: Detangling yourself

Another technique for removing loc extensions is detangling the locs from your natural locs. It is one of the locs removal techniques that don't cost you anything. Further, you can perform this at home. Finally, by removing the locs using this method, you can try a new hairstyle after the complete detangling is done. But it takes a lot of energy, time, and determination. For detangling, you need a hair loc removal kit that includes a rat comb, conditioner, a spray, and essential oil. If you are unaware of this method, you can easily learn it by watching a few YouTube videos.

Detangling the locs is a time-consuming method that can take hours. Sometimes, the back hurts a lot due to bending for extra time.

3: Booking a professional

Another easy method of taking out loc extensions is booking a professional to get the services. Seeking dread removal services means you don't need to worry about the technique, removal kit, and time exerted in the process. For this method, you will need to set an early appointment with the hair professional and pay for their services. The process will be smooth and quick, you will have to trust and rely upon your loctician with whatever method or technique he uses for removing your permanent loc extensions.

Depending upon your circumstances, choose wisely. Take account of all the pros and cons of the three processes and take the final decision about your hair.

Cut Off loc extensions Procedure: Step by Step

How to remove the loc extensions is one of the hottest topics with the latest trends? The dreadlocks are still popular among the masses for their variety of types, installation techniques, and now the availability of loc extensions in various textures, colors, and hair types. You can rock the loc extensions with different hairstyles if you maintain them well. Here we will guide you on how to cut the loc extensions by the step-wise procedure. So, let's dig in.

Step 1: Materials ready to unload loc extensions

Before starting the process, there are some materials that you must have to cut the locs safely. These materials include getting your hands on a pair of scissors you will use to cut the thick locs. Try to get sharp ones that perform well.

The crochet needle is the second thing you need to unlock the dreadlocks extensions, also used for installing the locs. Different types of crochet needles are available, from single-headed to three-headed needles. Get the one that you have already used earlier. Further, you can select one according to the diameter of your locs.

The third most important thing is a high-quality conditioner. Any brand with natural ingredients can help serve the purpose. Get the one that is suitable for your hair and has no chemicals or harsh ingredients.

Try to get a bottle of hair oil that suits your hair. It can be any essential hair oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, or a combination of different hair oils. The sole purpose of using a hair oi; is to soften the locs before unraveling them. Last but not the least, get a rat metal comb that is commonly used for different hairstyles.

Step 2: Hair prep

Make your space ready by collecting all the materials required for removing the loc extensions. In this step, you must prep your hair to remove the extensions. First, make sure your dreads are washed and dried well. Now, take an empty spray bottle and add one-third of the conditioner and two-thirds water to dilute it. Mix it well and spray this mixture into your locs. It will soften the locs, making it easier for you to take out loc extensions.

Perform the same procedure with the essential hair oils to soften the locs. But, again, use the type of oil that suits you well according to your hair type.

Step 3: Remove Loc extensions

remove loc extensions

Image from Youtube

The next step is the essential one which includes removing the loc extensions. For this step, determine the hair and loc positions using the mirror. Next, use scissors to cut the locs one finger wide below the exact position you want. Further, use the crochet needle to take out the rest of the knot to remove the locs mixed with your natural hair.

After removing the dreads, you can see the curly hair like twine. Finger-comb your hair with your fingers following the art comb to detangle them completely. If you have short natural locs, try to be gentle with your hair, as pulling the hair and hurting the scalp will be easy. The pattern will take some time to disappear completely.

Step 4: Take care of your hair

Once you take out loc extensions, you may note that your hair is severely damaged by wearing the permeant loc extensions for a long time. At this step, spray the pre-prepared conditioner on your hair. Be careful to spray the conditioner only on the hair strands. When the hairs are damp with the conditioner, massage the hair lightly. This will soften the brittle hair strands immediately, making them unravel easily.

Spray the prepared essential hair oil and massage thoroughly in the second part. It will circulate the blood in the hair veins and make you feel stress-free. Further, it will restore the hair naturally with simple and natural products.

Step 5: Remove the remaining loc extensions

Once you unlock one or two loc extensions, it is easier to unravel the rest of the locs. Next, operate the other locs similarly. Finally, cut the dreadlocks, loosen the hair and apply the conditioner and hair oils to retain their shine.

Once all these operations are performed on all the hair, you will feel light as your permanent locs are removed. At this time, use the rat comb to comb and detangle the remaining knots. Here, the process is completed; hopefully, you have learned it well.


Summing it up, first, prepare your mind to get the locs removed. When your mind is ready, and you have taken the final decisions, it becomes easier to take out loc extensions. A dreadlock removal kit with some conditioner and hair oil makes the whole process easy, quick, and less painful. Make sure you perform the steps well without getting hurt. If needed, take help from your friends or hair expert.

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