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The loc extensions can be easily installed in all hair lengths, from short to long hairs. You must have 3-4 inches of hair growth to get loc extensions installation. Additionally, the locs can be easily installed in all types of hairs.

The locs maturation is a long process that takes a long time. In addition, it depends on various factors, such as hair type and maintenance. For instance, some hair types grow quickly while other types take longer. 
There are different phases of locs growth. At the beginning of locs installation, you quickly get the dreadlocks to look, but you may find the hair strands straight up. If you have short hair, you will indeed have this side effect, but the hair strands settle within time. 

In the first four weeks, the locs feel like loosening, and most of the hair comes out of the loc. This is the first phase of locs maturation. Don't panic. Try to get retwisting done from a loctician or retwist the dreads at home. Use palm rolling, dread balling and other retwisting methods to keep your hair locked. Additionally, rubber bands are quite helpful in keeping the locs tightened. 
The locs proceed into their next maturation phase for the next two weeks. In this growth phase, you may notice that the locs tighten and mature simultaneously. Further, the locs shrink a lot and get lumpy and crooked. This is the teenage phase of the locs, and the locs keep growing in length. 
After three months of locs installation, the locks become soft and tight. At this point, the locs have additional hair growth that needs to be fixed. For this purpose, use the retwisting methods such palm-rolling at home. Further, use residue-free shampoo to keep the locs clean and fresh. 
After the initial phases, the locs enter the maturation phase after six months of tightening, shrinkage and growth. The locs grow in length quickly and become soft and smooth. The locs hold a lot of water at this stage. So, it becomes tough to dry the locs after a wash. Make sure you keep your locs moisture-free to avoid mildew formation. 
After one year of patience and struggle, you will be able to celebrate mature locs that give you the perfect locs. From this time onwards, it becomes easier to manage and maintain the locs. Still, keep the locs clean, tight and soft by following the hair care maintenance tips. 

Our loc extensions are made with 100% Human Hair Afro Kinky Hair, look natural and mix with natural locs easily.

Swimming with the locs is possible but requires a lot of attention. The swimming pool water contains chlorine and salts that can damage the loss if you don't follow the recommended maintenance routine. Using rubber bands at the base and tips is a good idea to secure your locks. Always rinse your locks with fresh water after a swim and squeeze the extra water as much as possible—completely air dry the locks before bed.

Our natural black loc extensions are made with virgin human hair, can be bleached and dyed easily. Use two parts of 30-volume liquid developer and 1 part of BW bleaching powder to lift the colours in loc extensions.
The hair stylists and opticians suggest not dying the locs in the initial three months. The first three to six months of locs installation are pretty sensitive. Remember that the locs need to become strong from the inside regardless of the hair type. They take this time to build internally, just like the natural locs. So, let your loc extensions take this time to mature internally before starting any color experiment. If the locks are bleached before they are internally mature enough, you may face the side effects such as frizzing, swelling and unravelling. In such case, you will need to retwist the locs using a crochet needle or any other technique. 
Additionally, if the locs get damaged during over-processing, the chemicals will break down the locs and may shed them completely. It can also happen if the locs are processed often during their maturation phase or are not processed correctly.  

Yes, the locs look better after some days with a proper haircare routine. What makes the loc extensions look like the natural locs is the type of hair they are made of and the specific technique used to make the locs, which is performed by hand. 

Typically, the orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. Most of the states will receive their shipment within a couple of days. The custom orders of dreadlock extensions will take 10 days to get delivered to your doorstep. 

Yes, you can wash the locs after some time. Try to treat your loc extensions just like your natural locks. The locs with 100% human hair react to shampoo and other haircare products like natural hair. Be mindful that for the initial months, the extension locs go through the budding stage just like the natural locs, so be gentle on your hair. Wash the locs gently and do not pull, tug or yank the locs. 

Of course! We make custom dreadlocks according to the colors of our customer's demands. To avoid extra processing for customers, we offer colored dread extensions in the color of their choice. Over-processing of the locs will shorten the longevity of dreadlocks.

Yes, you can easily add the locs to existing locks for extra length. 

The dreadlock extensions can be custom-made according to the client’s demands. Usually, we make loc extensions in lengths ranging from 4 to 26 inches. 

We offer shipping nationwide, covering 200+ countries using the FedEx or Ups Express.

Yes, we offer an exchange policy to our clients. We guarantee to accept return or exchange of the orders if the customer is unsatisfied. Within 20 business days after receiving the order, you can return or exchange it. The products must be in good condition as you receive, unworn and unused. The tags must be intact and in their original packaging.


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