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How to Make Dreadlocks Thicker(5 Useful Tips)

  • 5 min read

how to make dreadlock thicker

 Have you jumped the bandwagon and started your dreadlocks? Are you now thinking of improving the overall hair structure? Are you looking for ways about how to make dreads thicker at the roots? Keep reading to learn some quick tips for the solution. 

If you are also facing the same issue of thin hair locks, we will help you make them thicker over time. Some tips and tricks can help you gain their volume and texture again. So, continue reading to learn how to repair locs thin at the root. 

5 Tips to Make Dreadlocks Thicker and Stronger

Sometimes using inorganic hair products or experimenting with the hair can be very damaging. The hair becomes thinner, weak, and prone to breakage. Taking care of the locs from day one is essential to overcome these issues. Take care of your locs with and without extensions, and follow the following tips to maintain their volume and strength. 

1: Do not retwist often

Retwisting is a common technique for repairing unraveled hair locs. In this process, the hair locs are twisted using hand palms or other equipment such as crochet needles. Retwisting is a technique that can be performed at home and can be performed by a hair expert such as an experienced loctician. 

When you start the locs journey, this is one of the hair maintenance methods that can’t be neglected at any cost. At the beginning of the locs journey, if the hairs are locked professionally and are not washed in the early months, the locs last more than two months. 

According to the hair experts, retwisting the locs keep them in good condition. If you dread getting the perfect, mature, thick locs, do not retwist them frequently. Frequent retwisting is one of the reasons for hair thinning. Wash your locs when needed and let them take enough time to unravel, such as 6-8 weeks. Go for retwisting sessions from a hair professional no less than after two months and get long-lasting, thicker and stronger dreads. 

2: No tight hairstyles

Are you wondering how to strengthen locs? The answer is keeping the locs tension free. One of the common reasons that hair locs face hair thinning issue is hair tightening. Some of the hairstyles need to be tightened locking designs, which cause extra stress on the scalp and the locs. So, avoid such hairstyles which need hair tightening. 

Tension develops in the dreadlocks when you tightly tie your hair in the form of a hairstyle. The tension in the hair cause hair thinning, hair breakage and shrinkage of the locs. Locs shrink in diameter and length as well. Rock your locs free and wild, and enjoy the loc journey as it is to avoid any damage to the hair.

3: Do not retwist tightly

As mentioned above, retwisting is the locs maintenance technique suggested by hair specialists. The most common aspect that can be challenging is the retwisting technique. There are different techniques for managing the locs, such as palm-rolling, interlocking or retwisting using the crochet needle. No matter which technique you opt for retwisting, keep in mind that the tighter the hair gets, the thinner they become. So, choose the method that is easy and relaxing on your locs. 

Don’t retwist them tightly, as it causes stress on the scalp. If you don’t have any issue with the sleek look, you can go with simple palm-rolling at home. Let your locs breathe and keep them freehand to enjoy the locs journey to the fullest. 

4: Use silk and sand scarfs

Are you thinking of getting the dreadlock extensions with your natural hair locs? Another tip to keep the locs thicker is to cover them at night. Covering the locs while sleeping makes them strong. Always use a silk scarf that is super comfortable with the locs. 

If you have installed loc extensions, use the silk scarf at the head to cover them and the ends of the locs with a bonnet. Covering the locs at night protects the hair from dust, lint and other environmental elements. Moreover, it keeps the natural juices and oils in the hair. The natural hair oils locked in the dreadlocks and scalp keep them well moisturized and hydrated. The well-moisturized locks become thicker and more robust. So, don’t f to cover your locs at night to make them thicker and more robust.

5: Do not use inorganic hair products

We often use hair products for setting on different occasions, such as hair gels, waxes, and other hair products. Hair-setting products are most often used while retwisting. Such hair products contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that can be very damaging., These harsh ingredients result in hair thinning and make as thin and brittle hair strands. 

Avoid using hair products, whether as hair setting or hair twisting. A significant drawback of using inorganic products is that they result in a build-up in the locs, which can cause mildew formation or other skin infections. If you want to make the locs stronger and thicker, keep your locs build-up free. Wash them once a month and retwist them after two months without using any unnatural hair product. Only use essential hair oils to make them longer and stronger. 

Manual technique of making locs thicker:

Apart from the tips and tricks to make the locs thicker, if you have naturally thin locs, you can make them thicker by getting help from a hair professional. Retwist the two locs into one to make them thick. This technique can be performed at home as well. Here are some simple steps for making the locks thicker manually: 

Step 1: 

Section the hair that has thin locs. Use a rat hair comb to take the locs from your scalp. 

Step 2: 

Once you select the two thin locs at the same place, take some hair essential oil or locking gel on your hand. Ensure you take the organic hair product and leave no build-up in the locs.

Step 3: 

Apply the product on both the locs that are covered till the ends. Use your hand fingers to apply the locs on all sides. 

Step 4: 

Now, use the hand palms for re-twisting. Take both the locs and retwist them combining into one. From the scalp to the end of the locs, palm roll them and twists them so they combine to make one loc. 

Step 5: 

In the next step, take a hair rubber band and apply it on the locs. It will make them tight and will keep them from unravelling. 

Step 6

Twist the locs till the end and apply a separate rubber band at the end of the locs. 

Step 7: 

Follow the above steps on all the thick locs you make thicker, and apply the hair clips at the starting point of the locs. 

Step 8: 

After completing the process on all the hair locs, remove the hair clips.

Step 9: 

Leave your hair for almost one week until the twisted locs become one thicker loc.

Step 10: 

After a few days, take one loc and remove the hair band to check if it has become thicker and two locs have transformed into one. If you get a positive result, remove the bands from all locs and enjoy your new thicker and stronger locs. 

Final words:

To sum up, not everyone gets the same locsas they see in the pictures. The primary reason is the hair volume and texture that differs individually. So, the best way is to take care of your locs and follow the above mentions tips and tricks to make the locks thicker from the first day. If that is not productive, you can manually get the locs locked into thicker locs and flaunt any hairstyle of your choice. 


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