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Standard Ombre Loc Extensions Handmade 100% Human Hair

These dreadlock extensions feel and look like matured, aged, natural grown locs. These locs can be added to existing locs to add length or for repairs on broken locs. Very lightweight to prevent breakage or thinning

Afro Kinky Bulk Human Hair

Finally, You Can Make Your Own Dreadlock Extensions, Repair your Existing Locs, and Add Twists or Braids Using Real 100% Kinky Afro Human Hair.

Locs Size Chart

Determine the Size of Your Dreadlocks Using Our Locs Size Chart.

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Questions and Answers Before You Get the Loc Extensions

1. Permanent Loc extensions. Yes, it is healthy for your hair if done correctly.
2. Loc ratio is significant.
3. Loc textures are different,4a,4b, and 4c. Get the different thicknesses and choose the best thickness for you.
4. Loc Methods- Warp methods and crochet methods. Please select the crochet methods.
5. Determine size-Your hairline breakage that can happen if not done correctly.

If professionally installed using high-quality human hair and with proper maintenance, LOC extensions can last up to 3 months. However, to keep your extensions looking their best, a touch up between 6 to 8 weeks is highly recommended.

LOC extensions require minimal upkeep to maintain. All that is needed is to avoid excess manipulation or rough handling of the extensions. Treat them as you would your own natural hair. Shampooing, conditioning, and moisturizing as directed by your stylist will help keep your extensions tangle and frizz-free.

Around week 6 to 8, it’s time for a quick touch up appointment with your stylist. They will remove a couple rows of the LOC extensions around your hairline and reinstall them, giving you a tight, fresh new look. This helps avoid any potential looseness or slippage and ensures your extensions remain securely attached and looking their best. 

With a good touch up and quality products used, most people’s LOC extensions will last up to 3 monthsbefore needing to be fully taken out and reinstalled. Be sure to schedule regular maintenance appointments with your stylist to have your extensions properly removed when the time comes to avoid any damage to your natural hair.

Pro tip: Avoid excess tugging or pulling on your LOC extensions. This can cause added stress to your natural hair and damage the braids, leading to premature loosening. Let your extensions naturally fall where they may and avoid manipulating them excessively in between washes. Your hair will thank you!

With some care and tending, your LOC extensions can become a style you rock for months at a time. Maintain a good braid extension schedule with your stylist and you’ll be enjoying long, luxurious locks whenever you want! 

Treat your loc extensions just like your natural hair, as most extensions are made from natural human hair. Real human hair can bear high temperatures easily, but we suggest you avoid excessive heating on the extensions. To maintain your locs, keep them neat and clean.

Here are some valuable tips for maintaining the loc extensions:

·Keep your locs neat and clean by washing them.

·Don’t wash the loc extension more than once a week.

·Prevent frizzing by keeping your natural loc extensions well moisturized.

·Avoid lint and residue buildup by keeping them clean.

·Use residue-free shampoo for washing your scalp with extensions.

·When not in use, keep your temporary extensions in a moisture-free place.

·Avoid the activities such as running and exercise to prevent sweating in the locs.

Loc extensions can be installed and removed as per your desire and requirement. Depending on the type of extension and the installation method, the loc extensions can be easily removed. Crochet loc extensions are the most difficult to remove from all types.

Temporary loc extensions can be easily removed by some simple tricks and tips. First, use the stitch unpicker to remove the temporary loc extension.
If you have installed permanent loc extensions, get help from a professional or loctician to remove the extensions. Like the installation, the removal of extensions is also a skillful act, so the expert must perform it. Moreover, use a conditioner after removing permanent loc extensions.

Many people think that extensions are harmful to your hair. However, it is one of the emerging hairstyles of this century with various installation methods and types. A loc extension is only bad in the case when you don’t take care of them. A careless comb of hair locs can damage and have some side effects.

Furthermore, not keeping them clean is another factor that makes them harmful to the natural hair. For instance, if you don’t wash your scalp and extension, the accumulation of moisture, residues, and sweat can lead to fungal growth/ Fungal growth, which can cause many skin infections. Therefore, the loc extensions are not bad for hair but not keeping them clean can be harmful to you.

Human hair dreadlock extensions can be easily washed with the help of residue-free shampoo. Lather the foam on the scalp and rinse with plain water. Wash once a week to make them feel fresh and clean. In addition, you can also deep cleanse your extension in the summer season to remove sweat and buildup. 

Washing the loc extensions makes them tighter. Hence, you can also jump in the seawater to get the salted treatment for your locs to make them clean and tighter. Air-dry the extension to avoid excessive heat exposure that can damage its quality. 

Following such minor tips will also help you keep your extensions for long. 

Three different loc extensions due to the hair type used. 

1: Human Hair Loc Extensions

Human hair extensions are made up of 100% natural human hair. The hair is taken from the actual person and processed to look a certain way. Therefore, they are considered as low-maintenance extensions. In addition, human hair loc extensions last longer as they are suitable for the next three years of use.

2: Synthetic Hair Loc Extensions

Synthetic loc extensions are made up of plastic fibers that look alike human hair. High-quality extensions look good, but poor-quality extensions look fake and cheap. The most popular type of loc extension that is generally used is Kanekalon. 

Synthetic loc extensions are pretty cheaper and come in a variety of shades. So, you can easily get the extension according to your natural hair shade. 

3: Wool dreadlock extensions

One of the unrealistic extensions that are only good for temporary use. Wool extensions are inexpensive, and you can install them to experience dreadlocks. In addition, if you already have dreadlocks, you can install them to decorate them. 

Here are some merits and demerits of using loc extensions: 

Pros of loc extensions:

·Loc extensions are a source of extra volume to thin hair and locs.

·You can get extra length using the loc extensions.

·Install them temporarily or permanently, depending upon your needs.

·They bring a variety of ways to style your hair. 

·Instant gratification after installation of extensions.

·You can remove the extensions whenever needed.

·No potential damage to the natural hair or scalp. 

Cons of loc extensions:

·Loc extensions may feel heavier on the scalp.

·The extensions can fall out due to unprofessional installation.

·Cheap quality loc extensions look fake.

·They may look cheap if not matched rightly with the natural hair color. 

Before getting the extensions, you must prepare your scalp and natural hair ready for the extensions. The first thing is to make up your mind. The second step involves complete research about the type of extension. In addition, you must know the installation method and the pros and cons of the whole process.

Wash your head with a good shampoo before starting the process. If you already have dreadlocks, you prefer using a residue-free shampoo. Next, completely dry your locs before the booking session. Next, use a rat comb to detangle your hair. Last but not least, you must check the diameter of your extensions as they must not be too small or too large as your natural hair locs. I prefer getting natural hair loc extensions that are easy to handle and maintain. 

There are two types of getting permanent extensions. Partial and full head installation of loc extensions. You can choose either according to your style and requirement. Both loc extensions have different costs, but you can expect to cost $300 to $800 for permanent loc extensions. Their charges differ depending on the type of hair, installation method, and other factors.

Partial head loc extension charges from $100 to $350, and its installation period is almost 2 hours. On the other hand, full head loc installation is a time-consuming process that lasts for more than 12 hours. Hence, its charges range from $350 to $550 depending upon the installation of loc strands.

The number of loc extensions depends upon the hair thickness, the diameter of locs, and other factors. You will probably require many locs to get a fuller look if you already have thin hair. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, you can add only a few locs for extra volume and length. 

Here is a rough estimate of the number of locs required for normal straight and curly hair:

For straight hair:

· 40-50 (locs) medium to thick extensions for straight hair

· 60-70 (locs) skinny extensions for thin straight hair

For Afro Kinky hair:

· 40-60 (locs) medium to thick extensions for Kinky Afro hair

· 80-120 (locs) skinny extensions for thin Kinky Afro hair

To prevent unraveling in the human loc extensions, it is essential to take extra care of your loc extenions. Unraveling the locs can cause their early falling, which can be set by keeping the locs fixed using beeswax. In addition, some other techniques can help you prevent loc unwinding:

Retwisting is the process in which the locs are twisted back if they get unraveled. For retwisting your loc extensions, you will need to get professional help. Using the palm rolling technique, you can also retwist your locs easily at home. The retwisting sessions are performed after three to four months of loc extension installation. They are additional expenses that you must near to keep your locs fixed.

Retightening is performed to add additional hair growth into the locs by using the crochet kneeled. It is easy to perform at home with a simple strategy and some essential experience. Retightening fixes the lox extensions in the natural locs and keeps them fixed in their position for a long time.

Hair wax:
Some hair professionals take help from hair products t keep them in their positions. For example, beeswax or hair wax is a helpful ingredient that can be used for unraveling. Further, always use organic hair wax, which doesn’t cause any build-up.

Sleeping with the hair locs is not easy for individuals who have their first experience with the locs. The locs can tease you in the mid of the night. In addition, they can be the cause of discomfort due to their additional length or extra volume. Loc extensions also add additional tension to the head, so adding them according to your headspace is essential. Finally, the extra tension can cause headaches at night. So, here are a few tips that can be helpful for a peaceful sleep with the locs.
·Tie the locs in a bun or ponytail at night.
· Keep your locs separate by combing them to stop their matting during sleep.
·Cover the locs with a satin cap or headscarf to avoid the locs being affected by environmental elements such as lint, dust, and more.
· Use soft pillows for the locs so that they stay soft.

As professional loc extensions supplier, Our human hair loc extensions are made from 100% afro kinky human hair, hair material are 100% virgin hair, so our dreads extensions can be colored well. These loc extensions are good for both men and women.

You can buy dreadlock extensions from loc extensions store or your locticians, or as many people do, you may choose to order them online. Many people find this more convenient as more options are available, and they’re delivered right to your front door!

When selecting a supplier for your loc extensions, you need to consider your priorities. If you want assurance of affordable price and quality, look no further than We work with only the processional loc extension manufacturers, who provide convenient and quality loc extensions and solve the sore spots for dreadlocks fans in their loc journey!

Looking for affordable dreadlock extensions. has your back with various thicknesses, lengths, and colors. All of which are budget-friendly. 

Many people believe that permanent hair extensions are more secure and durable than semipermanent extensions. If a good quality extension is applied correctly, the bond will be permanent, but your natural hair will still grow. So it’s important to keep your appointment with your stylist every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure that your extensions look tight and neat.

Whether permanent loc extensions will fall out depends on several factors:

1. The quality of the hair used in the loc extensions. If high quality human hair is used, the extensions will last longer and are less likely to fall out. If synthetic hair of poor quality is used, the loc extensions can easily deform and fall out within a short time

2. The level of braiding skill. If the braider has superb skills and a deep understanding of human hair, the braided extensions will be firm and look natural, making them less likely to fall out. If the skills are mediocre, the braids can easily become loose, uneven and fall out over time.

3. Wearing and maintenance methods. If the loc extensions receive proper maintenance and care, and are supplemented with nutrients regularly, while avoiding excessive pulling of the extensions, their lifespan can be greatly extended and the chance of falling out can be reduced. If worn and maintained improperly, the extensions can easily dry out, tangle and fall off.

4. How long the loc extensions have been worn. Any braided hair extensions will gradually age and deteriorate over time, and eventually fall out. In general, high-quality human hair braided extensions are unlikely to fall out significantly within 6-12 months of normal wear. But after 12 months, the quality and firmness of the extensions will gradually decrease, increasing the risk of falling out.

In summary, high quality human hair, exquisite braiding skills, proper maintenance and care, and not exceeding the recommended wearing time are important factors to reduce the falling out of permanent loc extensions. However, any braided extensions will fall out and need to be replaced within a certain period of time, which requires the wearer to be psychologically prepared. Reasonable use and maintenance can maximize the wearing time of braided hair extensions

When you're looking for the best length for human hair loc extensions, it's important to consider your personal style and lifestyle. If you want longer hair, we recommend 10" through 20" extensions. They'll give you even more styling options

If you're accustomed to shorter hair, 6"-8" loc extensions are a great option. They will give you even more styling options including ponytails and flawless curls that sweep the shoulders!


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