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Finding a Loctician Online With These 10 Tips

  • 7 min read

Finding a Loctician Online With These 10 Tips

Tips on How to Find a Loctician Online

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that captures attention and leaves other people in fantasy. It is a high-maintenance hairstyle that needs a proper hair care routine and several tips and tricks to keep the locks in good condition. To keep your locs in good condition, you can also use the option, “find a loctician near me.” 

The hairstyle comes with a variety of factors that you must consider while looking for a loctician online. Do you want to start your locs journey in a particular type? Do you have a budget for locs? How long should your locs be? What are the locs installing techniques? How to maintain locs at home? These are several concerns that you can address to the loctician and can find reasonable answers to. The best way to find a loctician is to do your part of research finding the loctician online. Continue reading to learn how to find a loctician online. 


10 Tips to Consider while Finding a Loctician Online

Whether starting locs from scratch or getting them retightened, there are some things that only a loctician can perform well. Therefore, finding a reputable loctician who can help you rock locs with great care is a blessing. Using several tips and tricks, you can also hunt and find a good loctician.

First and foremost, the tip is to go with your gut. We believe in the power of intuition and self-knowledge. While checking for different loc places, if you find negative nearby around some locticians, skip them. It's okay to keep looking and take all the time you need to find the right person. So, do not ignore the negative energy and keep looking until the voice within you is encouraging. Let’s look into some practical tips you must follow to find the best loctician.

1: Referrals

A great way to find the loc places near me is to ask your family, friends, coworkers and hair care provider for a referral. In this case, you will have someone that can vouch for a specific loctician. It will give you the freedom to have a comfortable space to address all your concerns indirectly. Knowing someone who has already worked with the thing you want can be really satisfying. 

In finding a referral, you can ask about their work, techniques, products use, prices and overall experience before a face-to-face meetup. Additionally, seeing examples of their work up close will reassure you that you’re in good hands. So, take the free advice and spend some time finding a referral.  

2: Online presence

One of the major things that have an impact nowadays is the online presence of brands and service companies on social media handles. If you are looking for a loctician online, it is a must that they will have social media handles which can be very helpful for you. The online presence of a loctician gives a thorough preview of their work and a little of their personality. Usually, it will also give you insights into their business practices and feedback. Look for their portfolio online and then decide. Additionally, the reviews from previous clients can be a window to their work that can help you decide.

Booking sites are a plus as they allow both parties to start from somewhere. Moreover, it also indicates that the loctician is up to date with the latest trends and technological business practices. 

3: Great communicator

Effective communication is the key to any business. Nowadays, with digital technologies, it has become easier to communicate with various communication means. For example, during hair services, it is crucial to communicate with your hairdresser and make them understand what you want. But unfortunately, a little misunderstanding sometimes results in awful outcomes that are hurtful for both client and the service provider. 

When you must think about something off, does this provider have enough communication skills to understand you? Are they able to respond to you in time? Do they acknowledge your desire and respond in a way that you feel confident in their answer?

So, ensure that the loctician you are finding online is responsive and replies to you with all attention. A small online interaction can give you a good idea about the loctician. Make sure the loctician you finalize is humble and allows you to speak freely and comfortably. If you feel unsatisfied with their response, you can call away the appointment soon. 

4: Location

Location of a loctician matters a lot. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that needs proper maintenance with time. It is a life-long commitment that will need you to revisit your loctician after some time. The location of the loctician should be in your vicinity so that it is easier for you to approach him even in you are in a rush. 

In addition, a loctician within a few kilometers of distance can be very helpful in saving the extensive travelling expenses every month. Google the search to find accurate results such as “mobile loctician near me,” “microlocs loctician near me,” loc installation near me,” and several others like this. The right use of keywords can help you reach out to the best places from the comfort of your couch. 


Another best way to find a locs consultant is to use this website. This is a huge medium of useful information about dreadlocks, from starting the locs to finding a consultant in your city. In addition, the website has a blog and podcast to share the latest trends and useful information. First, take help from their blog section about useful dreadlock maintenance tips and tricks. Also, follow the podcast to find the latest trends and interesting news. 

In addition, they have a search bar to find a loctician. You need to add your state or town, and you are good to go with several results. Find the loctician within your city by using this website correctly. This is a digitalized world and you can find the services with a single click.

6: Sister locs Facebook group

Facebook is another wide medium to find services. It has become a marketplace from where you can purchase products and can take services as well. If you fail to find a consultant on the website, you can join the sister locs Facebook group to connect with a community. Post a simple inquiry about finding a loctician o your vicinity, and you will be amazed to know how helpful people are. 

Apart from this specific group, you can join other dreadlock groups on Facebook. Moreover, you can search and find your state or region-specific groups as well. It will not only help you connect with the community but will also help you find answers to your queries about locticians and dreadlocks. 

6: Search hashtag

Hashtags are another advanced way of finding something relevant. Any viral or common this with the use of specific words becomes a hashtag that you can search online on the social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Moreover, you can also find the hashtag on Google search. 

A hashtag helps find relevant pictures and videos related to a particular subject. For instance, if you are looking for a loctician to get sisterlocs, use the hashtag of locs type name, and you will find several results. One way is to find the persons offering relevant services. The other way is to find the people with sisterlocs or dreadlocks and connect with them. Ask them where they got the service and how the services are. 

7: Use YouTube

YouTube has become a source of information and guidance. Every individual is now making videos and offering useful information. For getting the dreadlocks, you can use this medium to connect with people who already have dreadlocks. There are hundreds of YouTube channels where people are sharing their locs journey. You can not only ask them where they started their locs journey, but you can also learn a lot about every stage of dreadlocks. 

Use this social media handle and hashtag search, and you are ready. Reach out to the people who are humble and reply.

8: Google Maps

Google Maps is an amazing application that answers you instantly. It is a source medium to find the relevant locations. Apart from offering you the distance and the time, it is a great app to search for the places such as salons, restaurants, banks and whatnot. Search the keywords such as 

 “loctician near me,” “loc installation near me,” “interlocking loctician near me,” and more. 


The application allows you to check the distance from your location to your desired loctician and offers customer feedback. Have a look at the customer reviews and ratings before finalizing the loctician. The contact details are also mentioned on the service page, so it becomes easier for you to reach out to a specific loctician. Call them and find out if they are reliable enough. Then, set an appointment, and you are good to go. 


9: website

If you are looking for the loctician directory, the website is here for you. Only some people know that boasts a loctician network, and the locticians are listed on their directory. You can look for a professional who works in your distance locations from the directory. Moreover, you will be able to find a variety of loc extensions, dreadlock maintenance products and much more. Their affiliate program is also a useful source of websites and product stores to find your needs. 

Everyone wants to ensure that whoever they entrust to care of their hair is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, so here is service. 

10: Schedule an appointment

Having a loctician is an investment in your health. Hairs are a crown, and you can’t trust anyone to tease your crown. Before meeting in person, try to schedule an online appointment via skype or any other medium to save your and others' time. In an online appointment, check if the loctician you will trust with your crown has enough skills and experience. Do they acknowledge your choices about the installation techniques, dreadlock pattern and other decisions?

Save yourself from the travel hassle and do a call to get maximum information in the first round. If you get positive energy and feel satisfied, go ahead with your locs journey. 


Finding the right loctician is a challenge at this time. To sum up, you need to be mindful of digital technologies about how to search for services. From Google to YouTube, there are different platforms that you can use to discover and engage with dreadlock individuals. Follow the tips mentioned above to meet the best service providers. Search online and read people's comments on social media accounts about specific dreads. Hopefully, this blog will help you find a loctician for starting your locs journey. 

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