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A Guide To Choose The Best Hair Color For Dreadlocks

Best Hair Color For Dreadlocks

Do you have dreadlocks, and you are excited to color them? Well, regardless of the color you choose, coloring the locs is still a chemical service that involves harsh chemicals. Many people love dyeing their hair in different colors over different time frames. While dying the hair, they forget about the diverse effects of the dye. One of the primary reasons for falling out of the dreadlocks is the use of chemical agents in the form of color. The imperfect drying of hair by some unprofessional can result in brittle strands. So, make sure you choose the best hair color for dreadlocks that is organic and does not cause side effects.

If you are thinking of dyeing your dreadlocks, this blog is for you. We will share hair color for loc ideas, natural hair dye for dreadlocks, and the essential things you must consider before coloring your locs, So, keep reading to learn more about the subject. This blog will also guide you about the step-wise color dying process, buying guide, and organic dyes best for dreadlocks.

Things to Consider Before Coloring Your Locs

Dying the dreadlocks can be horrible in some cases when you fail to choose the right color according to your hair texture. If you are a novice, you must complete your research about the dreadlocks colors for dark skin and the safest hair dye for locs. You must know the crucial things you must consider before starting the process. If you already have no idea about them, don't worry. Here are the following things that you must consider before starting the process:

1: Right professional for hair color

First, you must know that hair dying is a technical skill, and not anyone can perform this well at home. DIYs are fun but dying the dreadlocks is quite challenging. So, first, you must research for a professional hair colorist who can dye your dreadlocks like no one. Leave this matter to the professional and trust him with all your heart. You will surely take some time to hunt for the right person to perform this step in the first go.

2: Best hair color for dreadlocks ingredients

No matter what hair type, before coloring your hair, it is essential to research the ingredients in your hair color. If you want to dye your dreadlocks, make sure that the hair expert uses the best hair color for the dreadlocks that don't contain too many acidic chemicals. It is better to give preference to organic dyes. Further, no matter what you use, it's important to test the hair dye before using it.

3: Long-term care plan

Are you ready for a long-term hair care plan? In general, you should moisturize your dreadlocks every three months or every season, but at least once a month for colored hair. In addition, the moisturizing treatments incorporate protein treatments into your hair and scalp, especially if your dreadlocks are blonde. So, be ready to take care of your blonde dreadlocks to secure your time and investment; otherwise, skip the decision.

4: Budget plan

Dyeing hair dreads is not a one-time thing. There is a certain amount of time and money that you have to put into the maintenance of your colored hair. For example, if you have gray hair, but you want to cover it up, you will need to reapply the color after some time. This ensures that any gray hairs on your scalp will keep growing, and you will have to cover them every time. If you've dyed your dreadlocks with colors like neon, golden, brown, or any other shade, you will need to refresh and recolor to update the color. This is necessary to maintain the vitality of your hair. In addition, you should also invest money in regular hair care treatments to make your hide good in texture. So, it is a long-term investment, and you must have enough budget to support it when you decide to color your dreads.

Best Hair Colors for Dreadlocks

Hundreds of brands are available in the market that showcases the best hair color for dreadlocks. But, one must complete their part of the research by knowing the ingredients and the reviews. So, if you're looking for the safest hair dye for locs, here are some organic options. Have a look and decide on your hair wisely. In addition, you can share this concern with your dreadlock or hair color expert and get their opinion about coloring products. Following are the best hair colors that you must give a try.

1: Herbatint permanent hair color gel

Herbatint permanent hair color gel

Herbatint Herbal Permanent Color Gel reveals the secret of naturally beautiful hair. Unlike most hair dyes, its formulation contains no harsh chemicals or ammonia. Instead, they use eight plant extracts, including Aloe Vera, White Birch, Witch Hazel, Echinacea, Walnut Hull, Rhubarb, and others. The color is 100% organic, which makes your hair smooth and gives you a subtle style and a natural color. The unique formula of Herbatint colors the hair permanently and keeps your dreadlocks healthy and good in condition. The paint looks excellent and moisturizes and nourishes the scalp long-term.

2: Garnier's nutrisse ultra color

Garnier's nutrisse ultra color

This product is enriched with moisture-rich ingredients. It is a unique mixture of all the essential hair oils, including avocado, olive, and Shea, that is the basic element in each reliable hair product. Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color colors not only your hair but also your hair shine like there's no tomorrow. The hair color comes in several shades, from darker to lighter tones. So, decide according to your natural dreadlocks. Plus, the hair color is simple, so don't worry about the process.

There is an amazing thing about this product is that it is available in 20 different shades. The shades are very vibrant and stay long on all hair types.

3: Madisonreed hair color

Madisonreed hair color

Madison reed Hair Color is considered the best hair color for dreadlocks. It is formulated in line with European Union protection standards, which makes it worth the money. Its formula does not contain harsh chemicals; instead, it has hair nourishing substances, including keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract. These substances strengthen, restore and protect the hair strands from breakage. In addition to superbly colored dreadlocks, it additionally restores the shine.

Further, the product has all the essential ingredients that offer herbal softness, moisture, and softness on the go. It is also dermatologically tested by scientists and carries no harsh chemicals such as – ammonia, parabens, artificial fragrance, preservatives, and more.

4: Shea's moisture nourishing hair color

Shea's moisture nourishing hair color

This hair color is the best for all people searching out a whole bundle at a terrific price. It does not contain ammonia, sulfate, or any other harsh chemical so that you may sigh relief. The package contains the cream color, a primary developer, and a moisture mask to yield professional results. Further, the color is formulated to protect your hair and upload vibrancy to the hair all at the right time. It is made from soybeans and shea butter, the antique favorites inside the haircare industry. The no-drip system of the package permits a smooth and clean coloring station.

The fantastic advantages of the hair color include its longevity. It doesn't get dull my hair washing. The ingredients are 100% natural, so they make your hair healthy. Moreover, it is available in various shades, which is best for the user to find the right shade.

Best Hair Color for Dreadlocks Buying Guide

When shopping for hair dye, does your head spins in a thought spiral? Do you constantly wonder if the product you need is suitable, or can you go without it? Also, let's not talk about the doubts that plague your mind. However, a buying guide is an easy way to make a decision. So let's see what parameters need to be configured to purchase the best color for dreadlocks. Here is the buying guide that includes some fantastic choices that you must keep in mind.

Permanent or temporary hair color?

Do you need a permanent color on your dreadlocks? Or are you looking for a test that may or may not work? This is the time to take your decision about your hair. You can check the benefits of using a permanent color on your dreadlocks; if there are any risks, you can skip them. So, make the decision first and then go for the next steps.

Color shade

This is perhaps the most important part of buying hair color because not every brand offers every shade. What hair shade are you looking for? This is one of your big decisions because if it's permanent, you will stick with it! It is best to research the latest color shades, read reviews and see the dreadlocks in this shade through pictures and videos. This will give you the perfect idea of ​​the color you want.

Hair care

Colored dreadlocks are not a big headache, but caring for them is. It is challenging to take care of them properly with the hair color. Therefore, the next thing to see is if you can take care of your hair. Do you have enough budget to invest in a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair? Such questions will make you realize about your choices. Plus, you can also check the product prices to know if they fall into your budget.

Step-by-step Guide on Coloring Your Locs

The best way is to contact a hair color professional and tell them all your demands. However, all the professionals perform the same method. So, if you book an appointment, you must still know the steps for coloring the locs. So here is the guide about how to color the locs with the best hair color for dreadlocks. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sectioning

In the first step, section your dreadlocks into small parts so you can work on them individually. Use a rat comb to perform this activity. Plus, your hair must be washed and dried correctly.

Step 2: Color the locs

Use the best hair color for your dreadlocks using the prescribed method and tools included in the hair color kit. After application, use a tint brush to distribute the color evenly. Don’t forget to wear gloves and cover your clothes when dyeing as you do not want to bleach or dye your clothes. Also, use nitrile or latex gloves to protect your hands and arms.

Step 3: Let the color sit

Leave the color on the locs for about 40-50 minutes. (or as specified in the user manual). Make sure the dye runs through your dreadlocks.

Step 4: Rinse

Rinse hair thoroughly and then apply moisturizer to the hair. Once that's done, you can rotate your locs in style.


Are dreadlocks strong enough for the dying?

You only need to remember not to dye the starter locs. Once the locks are matured, you can dye and they will last long.

How long do the best hair color for dreadlocks last?

It totally depends on the color that have chosen for your hair. Each product has a different duration, as indicated on the packaging, and you can check it before using it.

Final words

Hair color for the dreads may not seem harsh but is complicated. Dyeing your dreadlocks is fun as long as your hair is healthy and you have the time, money, and patience to go through the process. There is nothing wrong with coloring your hair at home by having a look at YouTube videos. But if it's your first time or you're not sure you can do the job right, it's best to take professional help. He will help you choose the best hair color for dreadlocks and do it for you. This can protect your hair from any damage.

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