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These Beginner Short Dreadlocks Styles For Ladies Are Stunning

  • 9 min read

Beginner Short Dreadlocks Styles For Ladies

Dreadlocks are one of the popular hairstyles that have been in for the past few years. Dreadlocks in every phase make the best statement hairstyles that are not possible with wavy or curly hairs. So, don't underestimate your starter locs and rock them in the best possible look. The best way is to choose from the beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies that go with your personality, style and face shape.

One thing that every individual with dreadlocks must keep in mind is that dreadlocks are that having the locs on your head is a long-term commitment to yourself that requires your attention, time, and investment. There are regular hair care routines that you must follow to keep your locs in good shape and condition. The baby locs, when installed, feel weird because they stay hard and frizzy in the beginning. So, if you use any hair setting products for making the hairstyles, you must follow a hair care routine to keep them well moisturized.

Are you someone who has just installed the dreadlocks for the first time? Are you looking for some inspiring dreadlock hairstyles? Keep reading because later in this article will share some fantastic short dreadlocks hairstyles for ladies in 2022. The styles are easy to make at home or by taking locticians help. But, you can take help from a hairstylist if you want perfection. 

Best Beginner Short Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Ladies

Continue your dream journey of having locs with your favorite short dreadlocks hairstyles that are easy to make. Here are some coolest yet hottest short dreadlocks styles that offer a wide variety and allow you to choose according to your dreadlock's shape, size, and thickness.  Hence, choose the one according to your style, personality, and comfort.

1: Freeform Beginner Locs

If you are looking for something simple and subtle look with short dreads for ladies, you can settle with the freeform locs. It is easy to carry to the office, college, and even to the events; all you need is to allow your dreads to grow and twist them afterward. The freeform look is relatively easy to pull off, and you can carry this look without worrying about setting products, retwisting, or anything else. 

2: Dreadlock Bangs: Beginner Short Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Ladies

One of the most amazing dreadlocks styles for ladies with short hair is the dreadlocks bangs. Go with this look without a doubt. Undoubtedly, it is one of the classy and most incredible short dreads hairstyles that are easy to style. You can rock the look by adding some amazing color to the bangs. In addition, don't forget to keep your baby locs soft while styling this look. Further, make sure the back locs are straightened and down for an extra pop of the bangs. 

3: Asymmetrical Dreadlocks

Another flawless look with the beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies is the asymmetrical dreads. Keep your locks growing in any length or diameter. Just don't bother with their texture, thickness, or size. Just go with the flow. Add a shade of red or brown to your locs to enhance them. Do you crave to change the color now and then? Change the shade when you want, and just go with the flow. 

4: Side Swept

Short dreadlocks styles for ladies 2022 are diverse depending upon the length, texture, and diameter of the locs. Why not choose the unconventional look with a fabulous collection of hairstyles with dreads? Keep your lock swept to one side. This look brings the swag and accentuating appearance with the dreadlocks. The incredible thing about this style is that you don't need any hair-setting tools or products. All you need is a rat comb for hair setting, and you are good to go. You can use the hair setting gels to set the locks for an extended time. Further, transform your hair into an ombre or dark color and hitch the look. 

5: Bantu Knots with Beginner Dreads

The Bantu knot is a popular hairstyle that has been common for so long. Bantu knots with baby locks make the most alluring hairstyle. To rick this looks., all you need is to section your baby locs and roll them out. In the end, secure the knots with the rubber bands. Make sure you don't wrap your locks too tight that it causes extra stress or makes it feel heavy. 

6: Criss-cross Dreadlocks

Criss-cross is one of the accessible styles for short dreads that can be created with locks of any length. The thing is that you can play with your locs any way you want. It is an effortless hairstyle to achieve the perfect look. Make this look by using three locs for crossing each other in a crisscross pattern. Use the rubber bands or pins to secure the locs. Continue until all the head is covered. Leave the last section of the head freeform to give some space for breathing. 

7: Blond Short Dreadlocks

In this look, the dreadlocks are secured into a ponytail. Color the locs from the middle half giving it a dip-dye look. Blonde locks look classy yet elegant.  Further, this is the best formal look for the office, events, and wedding events. Now you can make this party-statement hairstyle with our blonde loc extensions and rock your dreads differently. 

8: Finger Waves

Are you looking for some fantastic yet best styles for starter locs? Finger waving never goes out of the trend, no matter what size your locks are. It is an art of molding the tresses while they are wet and short. Once the locs are molded in wet form, they dry and naturally take the shape of beachy waves that gives the best illustration. 

If you have shoulder-length locs grown after some months, create the finger waves. This hairstyle is best for weddings, birthday parties, and formal dinners. Go easy on your locks by giving them the statement look of finger waves. 

9: Mohawk Dreadlocks Style

Mohawk is an everyday hairstyle in individuals with the locs and is equally popular among boys and ladies. Th Mohawk look with the braided dreads uses the locks to bunch up into twists at the middle top of the head. It gives the perfect cool and bold look with short dreads. Mohawk is a fierce yet smooth look that can be easily created with the baby to shoulder length locs. 

 Additionally, the style is super classy yet elegant that can be created with the help of a professional. The professionals use hair-setting creams and gels to keep the looks straight. 

10: Side Bangs

After deadlocks bangs, the side bangs with short locks make another beginner dreads style. Perfect for the people who crave styling the locs with hair color, the style supports asymmetric colored side swept style. Further, dye your locks with your favorite shade of blonde or brown. The color is applied asymmetrically, and rending is casual and trendy. 

11: Top Knot

Do you have medium to long locs? Create the perfect classy high-top bun beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies with the ideal thin locs. The style is one of the beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies that can be achieved to get the voluminous locs by covering them into a top bun. In this style, the locs are pulled up into a top bun, and the locs are settled with the hair gel. Usually, a top bun looks natural and can be easily turned into a Mohawk look. 

However, the locks are pulled into the high top, and the ends are left slightly loose, giving the perfect blend between a high pony and a bun. 

12: Two-strand Twists

Two-strand twists are a fantastic technique for starting the locks and making the perfect hairstyle for baby locs. The simple beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies include the two twist strands that are easy to make and maintain. The hairstyle stays long on the locs, and the amazing thing about this style is that it doesn't fall overnight after your first wash. The locs take longer than usual to overcome this pattern. You can say this is the everlasting style you want for your starter locs. The locs grow and maintain their shape while giving you the perfect style for your everyday look. 

13: Comb Coils

One of the best styles for starter locks is the comb coils that are easy to make by spinning the small sections of the locs with the teeth of a metal rat comb. You can easily style your baby locs with this style in minutes.  So, keep your locs moisturized using essential hair oils and leave them in conditioners. In addition, maintain this style by enough moistuization and covering the head at night with a head scarf or bonnet. 

14: Pixie dreadlocks: Beginner Short Dreadlocks Styles for Ladies

If you are searching for the short locks style, settle for the pixie dreadlocks. It is one great style by which naturally curly or very short hair locks can be styled. The short dreads are curled into the spirals covering the whole head, giving the perfect formal and casual look. Further, Pixie dreadlocks are easy to create on short to medium-length locs. So, rock your starter locs into the perfect pixie dreads, which is an ideal beginner short dreadlocks style. 

15: Loc Petals

Loc petals make one of the best styles for starter locs for ladies in 2022. Have you ever thought of making petals out of your short locs? NO? Now, manifest this look at home or by a hairstylist. Take the rubber bands to make this look. If you have recently retwisted the locks, you can easily make the petals out of them. Moreover, shoulder length makes the perfect petals out of the locs. Rock this look with formal dressing at dinners, weddings, and other formal events. 

16: Clip-ins 

Another famous and fabulous style of shirt dreads is the clip-ins that give you the perfect subtle yet classy look. The best thing is that it is simple to install and easy to remove. Use the high-quality afro-kinky dreads for the clip-ins, and don't let them damage your natural locs. Utilize a headband to camouflage the clip-ins over the locs. 

17: Starter Locs with Undercut

The best thing to do with the short dreads is to style them with an undercut. There is no better style among beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies if you have a baby locs that are growing with time. Get in touch with your loctician and barber and get the undercut according to your face shape. Moreover, the style looks terrific with short dreadlocs. 

18: Updo Dreadlocks

Updo dreads are another beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies that is best for formal occasions and weddings. The locs are united into a high bun or updo from short to medium-length dreads, and the half locs are left loose. Hence, it gives the perfect bold yet classy style that is easy to fashion and keeps your locks in good condition. 

19: Layered Dreadlocks

The straight or wavy hair and the dreadlocks can be styled into layers. Depending upon the length of different locks, you can style them into superficial layers without using any hair setting tools and equipment. In this style, use the thin locks and arrange them into layers. So, set the locs based on their length and use the setting spray or gel to make them stay longer. 

20: Inverted Bob

Regardless of your hair type, bobs never go out of style. The bobs are always classy, chic, and relaxed. The look can be easily created with asymmetrical dreads with a perfect bob cut. The look goes well with all hair dyes, either naturally grey or dyed hair, and it is ideal for shorter to any length of dreads. 


You have 20 different styles that you can easily make with your short dreads. All these beginner short dreadlocks styles for ladies are easy to make using simple hair accessories such as a rat comb, pins, or rubber bands. No matter what hairstyle, you just don't forget to keep your dreads neat and clean.

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