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How to Wash Dreadlocks Without Retwisting

  • 6 min read

How to Wash Dreadlocks Without Retwisting

There is a very weird notion about washing dreadlocks that they don't need to be washed as often as it can result in unraveling of the locs. That is wrong. You must keep your locs unchecked and find residue buildup in your locs after some days. This can be very harmful to your skin, resulting in serious fungal infections. So, keep your locs cleaned so that your locs grow healthy and beautiful. 

Dreadlock is a beautiful journey that is filled with so many interesting phases. These phases take place in the time frame of almost two years and help you protect your hair. Apart from protection, the style gives the best hair looks. After installation, hair loc extensions maintenance is quite a task. To get perfection, you need to know how to wash dreadlocks because it is a very important step to keep them neat and clean. 

Let's talk about the locs hygiene that initiates from the hair combing and ends with deep cleaning. You may believe it or not, most people are just fascinated by the idea of getting the locs and don't bother to research deeply about how to maintain them. Such individuals feel very bad when they fail to keep the locs clean and maintained well. So, this blog is out for everyone looking for ideas about how to keep your locks clean. 

What to do if you have residue or moisture buildup in the dreadlocks? What type of shampoo is best for your locs journey? How often do you wash dreadlocks? Can you wash dreadlocks every day? Keep reading to get some deep insights about cleaning the locs. 

How to Wash Dreadlocks? Step by Step Guide

Washing the dreadlocks can be a daunting process for the people who experience the locs installation for the first time. Here we will share how to wash the locs step by step. 

Step 1: Select the right shampoo.

In the first step, select the right shampoo for your locs according to your hair. Different types of shampoo available in the market are specifically formulated to wash the locs. Residue-free, organic shampoos are an ideal choice to wash your locs. Shea Shampoo by House of Isis is the best leather-forming shampoo with the best results. It contains rosemary, peppermint, and cedar oil, which leaves your locks fresh and soft. 

Moreover, this shampoo is perfect for dandruff and dry scalp issues. It is a natural product without additives, so it fits best for all hair types and has no side effects. Choose your shampoo wisely to avoid any damage to your hair. 

Step 2: Dampen your locs.

Once you select the right shampoo, go into the shower and dampen your full head. Rinse the plain water on the scalp and all the locks. Cover all the sides and angles while wetting your locs. Check if every single strand of your head is wet. Use plenty of water at this step. 

Step 3: Shampoo your locs. 

Add some shampoo to your head directly in the third step and start the massage. Use enough quantity of shampoo that it forms the leather in your locs. Start massage on your scalp and then proceed to the ends of the locs. Keep on massaging and squeezing the foam in the locs. Use the shampoo on the lower tips of the locs. Don't forget to massage in between the locs with the help of your fingertips. 

Make sure all the locs have enough foam to remove all the residues. Also, use shampoo on the neck and back of your head. Use your fingertips so that the shampoo readily suds up in the locs. The shampoo massage will deep clean your head. 

Step 4: Wash dreadlocks. 

In the last step, rinse your head with plenty of water. Cover the whole head and rinse every single hair strand. Once the head is rinsed well, squeeze in extra water. Remove the shampoo that penetrates your locs by washing the locs thoroughly. Now the question is what to do after washing dreads? Let them dry!

Step 5: Let them air dry.

Squeeze all the water from your head. Don't use any towel at this step. Instead, let your locs dry in the air. Avoid using hair equipment such as a blow dryer to dry your freshly washed locs. After a while, you will realize that your locs feel lighter than ever because they are cleaned now. Further, the locs will feel soft on the touch. Additionally, the locs look great and smell very good after using the Shea Shampoo. 

How Often Should You Wash Dreadlocks?

Now, the question arises of how often should you wash the locs? Can you wash dreadlocks every day? Well, it depends on your locs journey. Here is the guide about how many times you can wash dreadlocks. 

New dreads:

If you are a beginner and have just started your locs journey, wait for at least one week. In the start, the locs are immature and are prone to fall off easily with a little stress. So, washing your scalp only once a week is suggested until your baby locs grow. Meanwhile, if your scalp feels greasy or itchy, you can go for a gentle wash with your baby locs without adding extra tension to the locs. 

Be aware that new locs after wash may look messy, but that is a part of the process. You can tighten them at home with palm-rolling or other techniques. Further, if you prevent washing the locs so that they get messy, you will be left with junk in your head. So, clean your locs from the very first day to enjoy healthy locs at the journey's end. 

Mature dreads:

If you have come forward in your locs journey and now have mature locs, you can wash your locs once a week and use a shower cap to prevent the locs from extra moisture. A detox treatment or deep cleaning method is also a good idea to keep your locs clean, healthy, and fresh. 

How to Choose Right Shampoo to Wash Dreadlocks?

Shampoo plays a vital role in cleaning the locs. Some shampoos are good to use weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The hair experts recommend washing the locs with baking soda or apple cider vinegar once in a while is a good idea to keep them residue-free. From various types of shampoo available in the market for dreadlocks, choose one rightly. The inorganic shampoo contains additives and chemicals that can harm the locs. Further, the inorganic shampoos are thick and in the form of a cream that leaves residues in the locs. 

On the other hand, organic shampoos are clear and transparent, without any oils used. Such types of shampoo don't stick in the locs and are rinsed easily. So, choose organic shampoos that are easy to remove from the dreadlocks and leave soft and healthy locs. 

How to Maintain Dreadlocks

Washing dreadlocks is one part of the locs journey that you must learn to keep you locs neat and clean. Washing the locs at the right time and with the right shampoo can help you save your financial and time investment on your head. Along with the washing, covering the head and retightening the locs are also included in the locs maintenance. Here are some more tips that can help you maintain your locs with minimal effort. 

1: No heat exposure:

If you want to keep your locs natural and soft, avoid using heating equipment and tools such as the straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons. These tools can leave your hair brittle and rough, which does not look good. 

2: Wash dreadlocks with a clarifying shampoo:

Use an organic clarifying shampoo to clean your locs. A good clarifying shampoo not only cleans the locs but also restores natural shine and hair structure. Ensure your shampoo cleans all the residue and moisture buildup and leaves light locs that look and smell good.

3: No hair wax:

Don't apply hair wax on your locs to set your locs or avoid their unraveling; it leaves unwanted residues in the locs that become difficult to remove. So, stay out of trouble by avoiding the use of hair wax on the dreadlocks.

4: Cover your locs:

Try to tie your hair locs while going to bed. Using cotton bedcovers can result in lint buildup in teh locs. So, use satin cover heads or satin caps to avoid lint build-up in the locs.

5: Prefer oils:

If you feel that your locs are not soft enough for any reason. Use essential hair oils to moisturize your locs before washing the locs. It will make your locs soft and shiny.

After all, a locs journey is a lifelong commitment to yourself, including washing dreadlocks in time. Avoid any hobby and give that time to your locs. You will be amazed to see flourished locs after some time.

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