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Everything You Need To Know About The Goddess Faux Locs

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goddess faux lors

Protective hairstyles are a beautiful way to explore new fashion trends. Goddess Faux locs is another type of locs that is not only a protective hairstyle but also looks great on all hair lengths from short to long. Many protective hairstyle extensions are designed to save your hair from over-manipulation and environmental factors and maintain overall hair condition. Faux locs styles offer the freedom of styling your hair in various ways than any other locs type. 

If you are fascinated by the goddess faux locs and are now considering this hairstyle, this blog is for you. This blog will share everything about goddess faux locs styles and how much they cost. Continue reading to learn more about this locs type and transform your look in no time. 

What is Goddess Faux Locs?

Goddess Faux Locs is a type of locs made to mimic natural dreadlocks. Get your desired look with Bohemian goddess faux locs installation or using the real human hair loc extensions. This is the style that looks elegant on all hair lengths. Moreover, there are a variety of styles that you can create with these locs. To create this look, you can get the locs installed by an experienced loctician. The loctician can also help you with different styles and how to maintain them. 

As the name suggests, the locs mimic the natural dreadlocks and offer the freedom of styling them. All types of locs need commitment with your hair to keep them last longer, and goddess locs are commitment-free locks if you want to stay carefree. 

Differences Between Faux Locs and Goddess Locs?

Both types of locs are identical but dissimilar in certain ways. Both are artificial locs but can be used with naturally installed locs. Here are some major differences between faux locs and goddess locs:

1: Texture

Faux locs are rough as compared to other locs types. Further, faux locs made from synthetic hair and contain sealed ends. On the other hand, goddess locs are silkier than faux locs. Additionally, goddess locs have wavy and open ends and are made with natural human hair. 

2: Type of hair

The type of hair used in goddess locs is 100% natural human hair that can be easily manipulated for stylings such as curling and bleaching. While faux locs are made with synthetic hair locs that feel rough and cannot be styled for more looks due to their sensitivity to the heat. 

3: Styles

Regarding the versatility of locs, faux locs come in several styles and colors. The locs are made with synthetic hairs that are already styled, so you don't need to style them any further. On the other hand, goddess locs don't have more styles, and you can achieve your favorite look with custom hair styling.

How to Do Goddess Faux Locs?

If you are looking for ways to style your own locs in the best possible way, here is the guide. The locs come in hundreds of textures, designs, sizes, and lengths. So, you can create your dreamy look with whatever locs design you like. Get hands-on with the goddess faux locs bundles and wear them with your natural locs to achieve the perfect natural look. Or get them at home with your natural hair. Here are some easy steps for getting the faux locs at home:

Step 1: Make single braids:

The best way to install the faux locs at home is to clean your hair and let them dry properly. To build natural locs, start with single braids all around the head. Box parts braids also look good and give you the best natural look. 40 to 50 braids are enough to cover your head, but you can add more or less depending upon the head size and hair texture. 

Step 2: Crochet the strands:

In the next step, crochet the two strands from the top of the head to the ends. Begin with the strands to wrap the top base a few times. It will help you keep all the hair strands in place. 

Step 3: Thumb the locs:

In the third step, wrap the length of the locs and throw your thumb to create the butterfly effect on the locs. Further, if you want to get regular locks, you can skip the thumb part from the whole process. Stick to the goodness faux locs crochet part to get the perfect dreamy style.  

Step 4: Add hair:

For the last step, add the hairs in the locs till you reach your desired length of the locs. Palm roll the locks to get the perfect natural goddess locs look. 

One of the pro tips is to wrap the locs loosely to get the natural effect. The technique of creating the goddess locs requires a lot of practice. An amazing characteristic of this style is that you don't need perfection, so you don't need to bother with minor details. But, you must learn the technique properly to get a professional hairstyle.

Goddess Faux Locs Hairstyles

Faux locs are famous for the variety of hairstyles you can easily create with locs. For all other types of locs, you cannot mold them into any random style because of their tightened locs pattern and design. In addition, the locking texture also prevents their bending for different looks. You can style goddess faux locs with curls, ponytails, and buns easily. Here are some famous and elegant styles to get with the locs:

1: Ponytails

High ponytails with the goddess faux locs are one of the ever-green hairstyles that never go out of the trend. The ponytails are easy to make and the best elegant style you can carry with any costume. Look regal and confidently carry this look by installing the faux locs. 

2: Space buns

Another classic hairstyle to create with the goddess faux locs is the space buns which look good on all ages. This is the best look to carry in the daily routine while going to the college office. You can warm up this look with a honey blonde tone in your head that is perfect for summer trends. 

3: Shoulder length bob

Bob's look goes well with the faux locks. As the summer gets hot and humid, it becomes a challenge to understand which length will go best. In such circumstances, you can go with a shoulder-length bob that is easy to carry. Long hair can be irritating in the summers, so this is the perfect length to style your hair in humid weather. 

How Long do Goddess Faux Locs Last?

The locs of all the types have some shelf life. If used with great care. The locs last longer than the provided time frame. ON average, the goddess locs last from two to four months. To keep them last longer, you must take care of the locks while cleaning, combing, washing, and sleeping. The locs maintenance includes the removal of buildup, keeping the locs cleaned, and protection against the sun rays. So, maintain the locs to make them stay longer on your head. 

How Much does it Cost to Get the Goddess Faux Locs? 

The locs are available in bundles. Each bundle contains a different number of locs. The goddess faux locs price ranges depending on various factors such as the diameter of locs and the length and number of locs in the bundle. Depending upon your head size, you can order goddess faux locs hair packs. The cost of installing the locs includes a separate range from $200 to $350. All the mandatory hair treatments such as soaking and tightening are involved in this cost. 

Maintenance Requirements for Goddess Faux Locs

Goddess locs require proper attention while keeping in your head, and you cannot leave the locs unattended for days. Not taking proper care of your locs can cause severe problems such as fungal infection, headache, or more. So here are some tips that you must follow to hitch your favorite faux look. 

  • Don't wash the locs for the first two weeks after installation.

  • Use the palm rolling technique at home to keep them in their exact position.

  • Keep your locs well-moisturized with essential hair oils, leave-in condition, or hair spray.

  • Use residue-free shampoo to wash your locs.

  • Avoid any buildup in the locs to prevent any skin infection.

    Dry your locs thoroughly after washing them.

  • Keep your locs covered while walking in the sun to prevent their exposure to the sun rays.

  • Tie your locs into soft buns while sleeping.

  • Use satin caps, bonnets, or durag while sleeping at night.

To sum up, goddess faux locs give you the best Bohemian vibes with the creative style that is a normal choice. Girls love getting these locs style because it is easy to maintain, and they have the freedom to style them in different looks daily. Further, they need less effort, another pro for such dreadlocks.

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