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How Long Do Twist Dreads Last?

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How Long Do Twist Dreads Last?

Dreadlocks, also known as "locs," are quite challenging to maintain. However, they can be easily maintained by retwisting techniques. Twist dreads can be achieved to maintain the already installed locs for longer. Further, they aid in preventing the falling of heavy or broke dreads. With the palm rolling technique, retwisting can be easily performed without using any external hair tool or hair setting products.

People with dreadlocks have a misconception of 6 months no retwist. You can tighten your locs even on the second day if you feel the installed locs are already loose. In this blog, we'll share how to make your retwist long last. Keep reading to know more about twist dreads and how to maintain them.

How Long do Locs Usually Last?

On average, the retwist last long for almost 4-6 weeks. It depends on various factors for how much time your retwist dreads stay. Here are some factors that contribute to the lasting time of the locs:

1: Hair care

It depends on the care of the locs. If you want to make your twist dreads stay longer, keep them in good condition. Keep them clean by washing them with residue-free shampoo. Avoid harsh combing to prevent hair breakage. Likewise, massage oil on the scalp and locs to soften them. A proper hair care routine can take your retwisting longer without much effort.

2: Hair type

Different types of hair have different results on the retwisting. For instance, twists may last longer than straight hair—like the hair texture, volume, and growth patterns. In addition, thin hairs are prone to unravel more easily than thick hair.

3: Twist dreads retwisting technique

Another factor that decides the time duration of retwists is the method used to get the twist dreads. Certain retightening and retwisting methods include interlocking, palm-rolling, and crochet. So, choose one according to your hair type to get the lasting twist dreads.

How Often Should you Twist your Locs?

Twisting the locs is a technique to keep the locs intact and secure the investment. For different types of locs, retwisting can be performed at different time intervals. A twist dread is intended to keep the shape of the locs and prevent them from losing. Without retwists, the locs may stay but not as tightened as they should be to give you a professional look. Locticians recommend retwisting the dreadlocks after a few months of initial installation.

Now, a real quick question, how often should you twist your locs? So, it is best to retwist them every three to six weeks to check on the condition of the hair. Some additional factors can help you get the retwists earlier or later. For instance, frequent loc washing can be the reason for unraveling the locs, so you must get the retwist to keep them in good shape. In addition, it is an ideal method of hair loc maintenance along with cleaning and washing.

How to Make your Twist Dreads Last Longer?

Loc Journey is quite challenging with some side effects and hair loc maintenance sessions. You need to be patient with the whole process to get your desired look. Likewise, making your twist dreads stay longer is essential to save the investment spent on the process. Here we share a few easy techniques that can help you make them stay longer, more robust, and even better:

1: Cover your twists

Covering the freshly twisted dreads can be very useful for people to secure their locs. It helps the locs to lock the moisture for longer, which results in successful dreadlocks. Additionally, it prevents the environmental components from trapping into locs and causes buildup that is very difficult to remove.

Use a shower cap, bonnet, or durag to cover your head after washing the locs. Further, you can cover the locs while sleeping at night to protect your locs and make the twists stay longer.

2: Hair updo

A hair updo is the best method to secure the twist dreads. Tie your hair into a braid, ponytail, or hair bun. If you follow a sports routine or perform exercise daily, you may experience extreme sweating that can be dangerous for your locs. So, the best way is to keep them tightened with high buns. The buns also help retain the moisture in the locs.

3: Loc knots

It is the easiest method to make your twist dreads stay longer without using hair accessories such as headbands, pins, and clips. Loc your knots if they are long enough. It will protect the locs and will prevent any hair breakage. There is a side effect that it may result in hair matting, but you can perform this technique once in a while.

4: Let the locs dry completely

Wet hair locs are prone to hair breakage and may also suffer other issues. After washing the locs, let them dry completely. Use a hair dryer to dry your locs thoroughly. Drying the locs secures them as there is no moisture buildup, so the twist dreads stay longer.

How Much does a Retwist Cost?

Retwisting is the loc maintenance process that doesn't add up in the loc installation package. You will need to consult your loctician after a few months for retwisting sessions. On average, the cost of retwisting starts from $175 and increases depending upon certain factors. Some of the loctician or hair experts charge for the retwisting sessions hourly. The retwisting cost depends on various factors such as the experience of the loctician, your hair condition, and the length of the twist dreads. Below are some factors that decide the retwisting expenses.

1: Retwisting technique

Different retwisting methods quote different prices. For instance, one of the easiest methods is palm rolling, which doesn't need any use of external hair accessories. So, the loctician charges less for this method. In addition, the crochet method is a little complex as it involves using a crochet needle so the hair expert may charge higher for this technique.

2: Twist dreads length

Length of locs matters a lot because retwisting is a time-consuming process. Some opticians charge according to the hair structure including the loc consition, length, and volume. Some charge in terms of hours. They will charge you according to the time spent on the retwisting session. If you are at the start of your retwists journey and you have short dreads, you can convince your loctician to charge you less.

3: Loc condition

If you have damaged or broken locs, you may need to add loc extensions or wait for the new hair growth. So, depending upon your hair condition, your loctician can charge you some extra bucks.

To sum up, retwisting the locs is a vital part of the process that can't be neglected at any cost. If you want the perfect locs after a few months, we recommend getting them in the right shape and condition by following mandatory tips and twists. Check your twist dreads now and then and maintain their shape. If you don't have enough budget to visit hair professionals, you can take care of them at home. Explore the YouTube videos and find the tips and tricks you can follow to maintain your locs ta home.

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