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Should I Start My Locs With Two-Strand Twists?

Start Locs With Two-Strand Twists

 Of all the different methods of starting the locs, two-strand twists are the most convenient way to start your locs. Dreadlock's journey is quite challenging as it comes with various questions and concerns that need to be addressed before starting. Before getting the locs, you need to decide the type of locs, the method for starting the locs, and the length at which you want to start the locs. 

If you're a beginner, you may know how difficult it is to decide what to choose for your hair. Two strand twist loc journey can be overwhelming for you if you maintain them well. In this blog, we will help you with your concerns that should you start with two-strand twists or not? What are two-strand twists, and what are the pros and cons of starting with this method? Continue reading to learn more about initiating this technique. 

What are Two-Strand Twists?

Two-strand twists are a popular way to start the locs. It is a technique used to create your locs that keep a hold on the hair as the roots begin to lock. Further, the locs are installed in this method by rotating the double strands of hair together in the opposite direction. The fantastic thing is that regardless of your hair length and hair texture, you can start the locs with two-strands anytime.

Mostly, people prefer starting their locs at short lengths s it allows them to transform their look and get fresh hair. If you also want to start your locs with two-strand twists, you must know the difference between two-strand twists and other traditional methods of starting the locs that involve the crochet method, free-form and more. To keep a hold on the locs, the two strands must be twisted in the opposite direction. 99% of people who start with this technique twist the strands clockwise but counter-clockwise also works well. 

How Long does it Take to Grow Locs?

While starting the locs with two-strand twists, you may be worried about how long it takes to get the perfect mature locs. But, the answer is that the process varies from person to person. In addition, different factors contribute to the transition phases of the locs. For example, the locs journey depends on hair texture, density, volume, and hair care regime. Kinky hair texture results in quick locs due to already thick and curly hair. However, it may take longer for the straight hair to get the perfect locs. 

You may be wondering how long to keep two strands twist on locs? On average, it takes almost 8 to 12 months to get to the phase where the true locs start. Different individuals share different experiences depending upon their genetics and hair care. For instance, if you unintentionally use the wrong products for your locs, you are automatically delayed for the proper locs. Likewise, lacking actual hair care will slow the process of locs. Hence, one must keep attentive and look for the factors delaying the growth. 

Pros and Cons of Two-Strand Twists

The two-strand twisting technique is ideal if getting the perfect locs is your end goal. But remember the fact that it requires a lot of effort and patience. Further, there are some pros and cons for every method to get the perfect locs. For instance, your hair may get grooves from the double twists, taking years to disappear completely. Here are the pros and cons of this process start can help you better in taking your final decision:

Pros of Two-Strand Twists

Two strands are the best to start the baby locs. Here are some pros of starting with this procedure that you may be looking for in any other technique:

1: Easy to install

The process is very easy to start as there is no need for any specific tool or hair products. Of course, if you have a loctician near, you can get a consultation about the procedure and its charges. But, if you have some primary knowledge about the process, you can even start at home. So, they are easy to start at home with some technical knowledge and practice. 

2: Style 

Another advantage of starting with this procedure is that it adds extra style to your hair even before the loc journey. Therefore, your hair may look like you have a style until the locs are done completely. It is an excellent pro for working women and even men as it saves their time and effort served in the daily hassle of styling their hair. 

3: Cost-effective method

It is an ideal cost-cutting technique that you can perform at home with early prep on your hair. No need to save for extra budget for starting the locs as you can start the locs with this technique if you have some knowledge about hair twisting. Further, you can take help from the internet to learn the procedure and then implement it on your hair. 

4: Thick locs

If you're for a budget-friendly method, start the locs and want thick locs. This is your go-to option. If you want thicker locs than Micro locs and other traditional locs, keep your twists loose. Another pro of this method is that it allows you to customize the locs thickness according to tour style and comfort. 

5: No limit on the length

Regardless of your hair length, you can start your locs with this method. For most of the traditional techniques, it requires at least 4 to 6 inches in length to start the locs. But, for this particular type, you can even start the locs with as low as two inches. 

Cons of Two-Strand Twists

Not every hairstyle or every hair treatment may have just benefits. It is not all rosy with two-strand twists for the starter locs. Here are some cons of this technique:

1: Twists pattern

One of the locs techniques leaves the styling pattern in your hair for a long. As long as the twisting appears to have grooves, it is a pro and con at the same time. The twists will appear as style, but the grooves may take longer to disappear. Hence, if you have a problem with the grooves, you need to reconsider this technique. 

2: Unravel

The twists are prone to unravel after hair wash. So, you will need to put some extra effort into holding the starter locs. However, you can keep them in good shape by retwisting the double twist strands after washing your hair. 

3: Patience

Another con of this process is that it takes longer than other traditional methods. You need to be patient with this method as dreadlocs is already a long journey. With twists, it is a long-term commitment with your hair to get the perfect locks.  

How to Care for Two-Strand Twists

Starting your locs journey with double strands can be challenging as locticians don't because they are easy to perform at home. Moreover, it requires extra effort to retwisting the strands now and then. However, you can keep going with this look with the right use of hair care products, including the right shampoo and essential oils. 

Apart from hair care products, there are various tips and tricks that you must know if you want to start your locs with this technique. To help you with how to maintain two-strand twist starter locs, here are some care tips for two-strand twists:

1: Be mindful while washing

Washing with the two-strand twists is complicated as most people fear their unraveling. However, unraveling is a natural phenomenon that can occur in any other technique. Wait at least the first week to wash your newly installed two-strand twsits. A week is enough to keep your strands in their shape and let them mature first. 

In addition, avoid washing the strands on daily bases. Although this style is flexible enough to endure manipulation, the daily wash may leave your hair with unnecessary frizz and dryness. Instead, use dreadlock shampoo such as a residue-free shampoo to wash your double strands. A pro tip is to use a mesh cap to keep your locs from unraveling after every wash. 

2: Protect locs while sleeping

It is necessary to protect your locs from unnecessary lint, dust, and other residues. Use a headscarf or satin cap to cover them well before sleeping. Additionally, it will help you minimize the unraveling of your baby locs.

3: Tightening

If you feel that your baby locs have started unraveling, keep them in their shape by instant retwisting. You can retwist the locs at home, but if you find it challenging, you can get the external aid from a hair expert or a hair loctician.  

To perform the retwisting session at home, you can palm-roll the locs. A dreadlock accelerator is the best tool for keeping the locs in shape. The dreadlock accelerator will help you retwist the two strands as they dry up after a wash. Lastly, you can use the hair oils, hair setting products, or hair wax on the roots to prevent them from dying out. 

4: Don't over moisturize

If you wonder how to make a two-strand twists lock faster, you may think moisturisation is good. You are right to some extent, but leaving the hair locs with moisture may allow the mildew to grow on your scalp. Further, you may get fungal infections if moisture accumulations go unnoticed. Unnecessary moisture in the head also attracts dust, lint, and other environmental particles. Hence, air dry your baby locs and keep the moisture away.

5: Use elastic bands

If you have straight hair that unravels quickly, you can use the elastic bands to keep them in shape. Alternatively, use a curling journey to prevent the unraveling of two strand twists in the early phases.

To sum up, two twists strands are an excellent technique for starting the locs that are not expensive and easy to carry for years. The only problem people may face the unraveling that can be easily prevented with some tricks. But, overall, it is one of the easiest methods to get your dreamy hairstyle. So, transform your hair look with this unique hairstyle cum locs technique. Another amazing is that two-strand twists starter locs before and after results have a significant difference in hair volume and density. So, overall it is an excellent process to start your locs without any doubt.


2 Responses

DeJon Hill

DeJon Hill

May 03, 2024

Thank you. Keep the tips coming. I not only have some unraveling, but the ends of some of my twists are straight and I have not had a perm in 4 years. smh



February 15, 2024

Thank you for this information, it was very informative. I’m starting my locs tomorrow from hair twists. My hair is curly and soft I’m scared of my hair breaking.

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