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Can You Use the Lemon Juice for Dreads?

  • 8 min read

Can You Use the Lemon Juice for Dreads?

Dreadlock is a particular hairstyle that has various restrictions on hair care products. The fact is that dreadlocks cannot hold creamy products, and such products are not removed thoroughly, so you must be concerned when using lemon juice and sea salt for dreads. The question is that lemon is a fruit, so can you put lemon juice in your hair? Let’s find out the answer to this question in this article.

This article will give you a thorough idea about use of lemon juice for dreads. Is lemon juice beneficial or not? How to use lemon juice for dreads for faster growth? What are the pros and cons of using lemon juice for dreadlocks? Continue reading to learn more about the use of lemon juice for dreadlocks.

Can Lemon Juice Ruin Your Dreads?

Putting lemon juice for dreads can put you on the verge of severe damage to your hair and scalp. Many people fail to realize that putting everything in your head can have some side effects, considering it natural. The same is the case with using lime juice for locs. Lemon is a citrus fruit and is acidic. You can use lemon juice to get some benefits for your hair, but moderation is the key. Excess to everything is terrible. Hence, lemon juice must be limited to only a few drops diluted in water. 

If you want to save your locs from damage, use lemon juice in moderation. Small amounts of lime juice are good for your hair, but its overuse can have severe effects and may ruin your hair permanently.

How Long Should You Leave Lemon Juice on Your Dreads?

Lemon juice on dreads is an acidic ingredient that must be checked before use. For this purpose, you can have a patch test on your scalp to check its sensitivity. Many people may face some irritation or have harmful effects by putting lemon juice in the dreads. Undiluted lemon juice should be applied and washed after ten minutes. Don’t leave lemon juice in hair for more than ten minutes. 

If you use lemon juice for hair dandruff treatment or hair growth purposes, its use is still restricted to time. Allow your hair to soak lime juice for thirty minutes. Never let your hair get the treatment overnight. It is hazardous to use lemon juice in hair and allow it for overnight treatments. Nevertheless, lemon juice in hair-lightening and dandruff-treating recipes are quite common. 

Use lemon juice with other essential ingredients to lower its acidic effect. Natural ingredients such as yogurt, egg yolk, and hair essential oils are basic that are beneficial for diluting the effect of lime juice. Regardless of the recipe you use for any benefit, don’t leave lemon juice for more than ten minutes in your dreads. 

Lemon Juice on Dreads and Hair Lightning

Lemon juice is commonly used as a hair-lightening agent. It transforms the hair color. Moreover, when UV rays from sunlight mix with the lemon juice, it strips away the natural hair color, leaving behind a residual color on your dreads. 

If you have naturally black hair, lemon juice will turn them into a brown shade with a tint of a reddish color. Likewise, if you have light or medium brown hair, lime juice will transform them into a blonder tine with an orange tint. 

People with dark brown or brown head can look to get a hair color with a red/orange tint. On the other hand, if you have any hair color treatment with natural or chemical henna, don’t try to use lime juice on your head as it can have an adverse effect. 

Now the question is, how long does it take to lighten the dreads? The answer is that the process of hair lightening with lemon juice is very gradual. This is because the hair doesn’t lighten in a single-use. Instead, it may take at least four tries to lighten the hair. 

Moreover, overuse of lemon juice on dreads is not beneficial. Use lime juice for locs only twice a week. If you have dark hair, a biweekly application of lemon juice is enough to see the gradual change. 

Remember to not use the blow dryer after using lemon juice. This is because sun and UV rays are required along with lemon juice to get the lightning effect obtained by stripping hair color. Hence, let your hair soak in some sunlight to show permanent results. 

Furthermore, the lightning change with lime juice is permanent. Therefore, you cannot revere the lightening effect; if you are not satisfied with the hair lightening results, you can use henna for hair dying. 

Lime Juice Recipes

Lime juice on dreads is an incredible ingredient that significantly affects hair growth and dandruff control. So if you wonder what makes your hair lock faster, lemon is the one ingredient that can help. Here are some effective recipes that you can use on your dreadlocks for healthy effects.

Hair growth recipeHair growth is a variant that depends on a lot of factors. From diet to genetic makeup, that is different for individuals. In addition to the diet, one must use natural hair care masks and products to help their hair get all the ingredients required for hair growth. Enjoy a faster growth of your locs with this simple yet effective recipe. 


Mix pure, fresh lime juice with 100% Aloe Vera gel. Try to get both the ingredients fresh from the plant. Mix them well in the bowl. Apply on the scalp and leave them for 10 minutes. Wash with a residue-free shampoo and enjoy fast hair growth. Don’t perform this activity more than twice a week. 

  1. Hair lightning recipe

An acidic ingredient is the best when it comes to hair lightening. Many hair-dying products use acidic ingredients that cut off the base color to develop the desired color on hair. Here is a quick recipe for hair lightening that has many other benefits. It is easy to try and results in faster hair growth and moisturization. 


Get a hair spray bottle, add 1 cup lemon juice and ½ cup fresh aloe vera gel, and dilute it with ½ cup water. Mix the ingredients well. Now, spray the mixture on your locs and let it soak in your head for some time. Sit under the sun to get the UV rays from the sun that are required for color stripping. Rinse your head with plain water and get the results after another use. 

The use of aloe vera will help keep your hair well moisturized. However, using the lime juice alone can result in drying and additional frizziness in the locks. Hence, it is the best combination recipe to get a lightning effect in your dreadlocks. 

  1. Dandruff prevention recipe

Dandruff is an original concern that must be treated well before getting the locs. So if you have dreadlocks and now dandruff is an issue for you, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with amazing dandruff care and prevention recipe. Grab the essential ingredients and be consistent to get the required result.


Get hands-on a bowl and add fresh lemon juice one tablespoon. Add five tablespoons of freshly melted coconut oil. Mix them well and gently massage your scalp hair with it. Gently exfoliate the skin with this recipe to exfoliate the skin. Leave it in the hair for 20 to 30minutes. Rinse the head thoroughly and repeat the procedure twice a month to get the best results. 

You can hunt many other recipes on the internet and use them according to the given instructions. For example, lemon and honey for dreadlocks are beneficial in many cases. But, you must complete your part of the research if it is suitable for your hair or not. Here are some pros and cons of using lemon juice for dreads. 

Pros of Using Lemon Juice for Dreads:

Using natural ingredients on hair and skin always result in good effects. Apart from hair growth, here are some advantages of using lime on hair.

Antifungal and Antibacterial properties:

Lime juice contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. It doesn’t let the mold grow in the dreadlocks because it is acidic. Moreover, it includes a group of alkaloid compounds that has antibacterial properties. Use lemon juice to eliminate fungal and bacterial buildup in the locs.  

Maintain hair pH:

Lemon juice maintains the pH of the hair scalp. It absorbs excessive hair oils and sebum and acts as natural pH adjuster for the dreads. 

Stimulate hair growth:

Lemon juice is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C and other valuable ingredients that promote collagen production. As a result, the hair grows faster and results in healthy, shiny hair with some applications. 

Natural conditioner:

Lime juice on dreads acts as a natural conditioner on the dreadlocks. Having strong antiseptic properties removes the dirt, lint, and sweat buildup. Additionally, it acts as a natural moisturizer with honey and aloe vera and restores the moisture of the locks resulting in natural long, shiny hair. 

No excessive buildup:

Say goodbye to the lint, dirt, and sweat buildup with the use of lime juice on dreads. In the summers, sweating leads to the accumulation of dirt and other residues that affect the overall growth of the locks. In addition, the hair stinks and looks unpresentable. Instead, use lemon juice and other natural ingredients to get clean, healthy, and fresh locs. 

Lightens hair color:

Another benefit of using lemon juice on dreads is hair lightening. If you don’t like your hair color, you can lighten them without using any chemical ingredients. Follow the hair lightening recipe mentioned above to get a transformed hair look. 

Cons of Using Lemon Juice for Dreads:

Here are some cons of the subject that one must know to avoid using lemon juice on the hair.

Dried hair:

Many people have an observation that hair treated with lemon juice results in dryness. This is true in the case when lime juice is used excessively. Lime overuse will leave you with dry and brittle hair. 

Hinder the locking process:

Excessive use of lime can be very harsh for some hair types. For instance, it can result in stunt hair growth. Hair locking is already a gradual journey that requires at least 18 months to 24 months for a mature look. Therefore, lime can affect the hair growth rate if used without consideration. 

Structural damage:

If you are looking for an ingredient to have a healthy structure and texture of hair, unfortunately, this is not the ingredient for you. Lemon juice for dreads has some harsh consequences that include damaged structural hair. 


Lemon juice leaves the hair with stickiness. Damp hair can attract dirt, product residues, and many other ingredients from the environment. Avoid excessive use of lemon juice on dreads to prevent unnecessary buildup. 

Tips for Using Lemon Juice on Dreadlocks

  • Don’t use undiluted lemon juice on the scalp as it can cause serious issues.
  • Always use fresh lemon juice as processed lemon juice has some additives that can damage your hair.
  • Strain the lemon juice before use; otherwise, getting the lemon pulp out of the dreads will be challenging.
  • Rise your hair thoroughly with plain water twice to prevent any structural damage.
  • Use homemade lemon juice recipes on hair for healthy hair growth. 

To sum up, lemon juice for dreads is effective if used wisely. This article considers that lemon juice is effective only when used in moderation. Use it to treat your hair from dandruff or motivate hair growth. Avoid lime juice if your dreads are already doing good in growth. If you are still confused about using this ingredient for your locks, you can consult your loctician. 



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